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Hi all... I love reading everyones posts! Makes me feel a little stronger!

I smoked my last cigs NYE.. (like sucked back 4 in a row,, eww).. so I'm 18 days smokefree.. COLD TURKEY.. yikes :) I've quit before for pregnancies but always started again! I'm determined this time.. My kids are 14 & 6 and all over me to quit.. So I think of wrinkles that I don't want, and one day having I need to be alive for that ;) So I look forward to kicking this disgusting habit with all of you!

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Hello Raad_1975 and welcome to the forum. Eighteen days cold turkey is a great achievement.

I'm impressed with the four cigs on NYE, think I could only ever manage three in a row! Let's hope we can help you make those four the last ones you ever have. You've made a great start.

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hi Raad_1975


your kids are a great reason to stop smoking.

one day you may have grandchildren.

I have 2 and there my world.

you can win seem possative 😂

you take care 😊

keep kicking 😎

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Welcome Raad_1975 18 days is great and what a first post - very positive and encouraging - wishing you strength and success - keep us updated on your progress :)

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