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No Smoking Day
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Today is the day

First day not smoking

I am taking nicatine lozenges to keep of the itch when a craving comes. Its not going to be easy as my partner has not yet giving them up as he is not ready.

I found when i smoked i had no motivation to do anything and always had a sore chest. I asked my self why am i even doing this if it affects me so much but i kept smoking anyway it is crazy that these little stick have such a hold on us. I am only 29 and have been of them for a couple of years befor this and im hoping i can keep going. As they say mind of matter 😆

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hi chrisiemull

glad to see you here.

you know its not a easy road but you have made a great choice.

everything to gain.you just keep going never stop trying

one day 😁

you take care 😊

keep kicking 😎

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Well done on making your decision. Hope day 1 is going well for you. Think of all the positives from quitting.

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Well done on taking the first step. Just take it one day at a time. My husband still smokes as well which does not make quitting any easier! If you can, ask your partner to keep all cigarettes out of sight (nothing worse than seeing them, just sitting there), especially in the early days. I also had to tell husband not to offer me any either. Now he hides them on top of the kitchen cupboard! Yes, I do know they are there but at least I cannot see them!!

Post if you need support.

Good luck, you got this!

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Ah chrisiemull, great to see you back on here and a new journey, stay close to us and wishing you strength, you can do this :)

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