Touching base day 51

Hi all

Well had a busy Easter break didnt find not smoking tough until Easter Sunday when I could have cried! 

Powered through and couldn't wait to get back to work ( sad ) to keep busy and keep going

Still using patches in the day and e cig at night - hopeful that this weekend is craving free just as I am during the working week

1542 cigs not smoked and £539 saved at day 51 9 hours 

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  • Ah Runmeg, great to read your update, reaching over 50 days is massive, hope you treated yourself to loads of Easter Eggs!   You really are working very hard on your quit and should be proud.    

    I remember too some weekends couldn't wait to get back to work during the winter just to keep my mind busy!

    Well done again!

  • Great post runmeg, very happy for you on passing fifty days. It's incredible to think you (we) would have smoked over fifteen hundred cigarettes in that time!

    The money saved is astonishing quickly it adds up. With that much saved you could buy me a very nice amplifier to go with my new guitar! Just a suggestion 😀

  • Couldnt agree more about getting back to work Roisin - work really helps to keep me focused / busy 

    Money saved is ridiculous - already had treats - Dyson wand hoover lol, new bedding, throw, pillows, and a few CDs and tops to wear and still seeing more money in the bank account

    Health wise feel great and even had a little jog whilst out walking the dog, now that is crazy, was a runner when younger but havent jogged for years now and just a 10 min jog on Good Friday felt so good? Skin looks healthy and I wear less make up now.

    So 51 days  has seen massive benefits 

  • Perfect time to start jogging again runmeg...nice weather...cleaned out lungs...go for it.

  • Yeah, its unbelievable Runmeg the money we save....

    For me, at 28 weeks, shamefully not smoked 4,910 cigs but thankfully saved €2,446!   

    Booked a trip back in January to Vienna for hubbys 40th in August and over Easter booked a weekend break in for our wedding anniversary in September, got few bits for the house and clothes aswell....

    When weather gets better want to get out walking and get fit again....delighted you are getting on so well in your quit....

  • We have a static caravan we go to every weekend and prior to the quit I would get up let the dog out for a wee, and the have my 2 cups of coffee at least 3 cigarettes before taking the dog out and smoking more on the walk

    last weekend I got up early - drink of juice, out with the dog for a few hours breathing fresh air, then back for coffee and breakfast - felt bloody alive and fresh

  • Can't wait for summer!

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