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Side effects 9 mnts on

I have been smoke free 9 months I have had lots of lung infections am still always clearing my throat and my nose has dry blood and strange taste has anyone suffered same i have been to doctors and specialists as i had a lot of trouble breathing very bad anxiety have never had before i could so often go a cigarette when will i start to feel a little better? any reply greatly appreciated

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You follow in the same category as I do , I'm soon on 6 month smoke free and have had problems with breathing and anxiety , I felt less breathing problems when I smoked ? how crazy our mind and body changes as we quit , I'd just try and use some sort of nazzel or vic on the old chest , try and do walks fresh air helps and most of all try not to stress and think a lot , do calm therapy and don't rush around to much , your doing good 💪👍👍

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Hey jg2710, good to hear from you. Have the doctors and specialists given any explanation for the lung infections, dry throat and the bloody nose mucous? I am over 14 months quit and I still get that dry throat, tickly cough usually when dry air - definitely Telboy61 advice of fresh air and vaporizing is excellent advice, maybe a humidifier could help aswell.....also, keep reminding yourself that your body repairing is a gradual process - be patient and don't ever regret quitting :)


how long


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