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New reaction for me

This morning I was stung by a wasp in the toe my normal to some act of what ever these things happen to us is I would throw a fit cuss the world and find someone to blame it on the this Time from lack of nicotine the exersize I'm able to do from not smoking I was able to laugh it off wile in so much pain And move on oh and it hurt a lot hope all the quiters are strong Thanks dp338

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Ouch! Wasp stings are seriously painful. That something so small can inflict so much pain is quite unbelievable.

Well done for not reaching for a cigarette and not losing it!!!!

The question is, you survived but did the wasp?

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No wasps around the house survived they all bit the dust 3 cans it took . The funny thing is I was at my first cup of coffee in Morning and stepping on a wasp stinging me all that ran thru my mind was how did I knock the light off my cigarette and step on it. No cigarette just a wasp it just well mite be the smoking gods telling me it's over life time of the sucking on a stick that just wants to take enough of your life and keep you alive to buy another pack oh wow I hope it's over for every one God bless dp338


Good for you Dp, I too since quit deal with stressful and difficult situations alot more calmly now.

I am absolutely terrified of wasps as was stung a good few times as a kid, shockingly they are still around here in Ireland and we are in the middle of October, due to the beautiful, mild Autumn weather we are having - had to kill one that flew in yesterday :p


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