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Hi Everyone,

I am in week 4 of my quit (5 weeks on Champix) and I don't feel amazing like I thought I would. I have noticed that this week I am craving A LOT! I have always been into excercise but don't feel like going for a run, which is disappointing because that was one reason I quit.

For all of you out there, how long did it take you to feel happy and comfortable with your new life as a non smoker? Does anyone remember feeling disappointed that you didn't feel amazing straight away?

Thank you!

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Hi TashaM13 well done on 4 weeks quit it's a huge achievement

I felt really ill when I gave up smoking. A mix of not being able to tolerate champix, thyroid disease and being deficient in lots f vitamins and minerals. Addressing these difficulties and I'm finally starting to feel well.

When will you start to feel better? I would advise eating lots of good food... Concentrate on good quality protein and good carbs (vegetables, whole grains, beans and pulses) and supplement vitamins and minerals. Sleep. Do what you have to do to feel relaxed and comfortable.

I would guess that you used to feel like you'd really earned that first cigarette after a run! And that's why you don't feel like running. Ypu will eventually , you'll know when you're ready.

The other issue is more psychological , when will you feel happy and comfortable on your quit? That's a gradual process and varies enormously from person to person. Some triggers are seasonal (summer nights drinking wine in the garden, Christmas eve having a night cap in front of the fire.... All a bit cliche as examples... But that sort of thing) ... And other triggers are linked to more every day things. Every time you overcome a trigger you've strengthened your quit... After 4 months I'm still getting new triggers but much less frequent. When you do go for a run and don't follow up your shower and post run wind down with a fag you'll have smashed a massive trigger

Look upon quitting as healing your body as it recovers from addiction to a very dangerous poison

Lu xx


Hi TashaM13 well done on making it this far. I too am on week 5 of Champix and on my fourth week as a non smoker. Physically I don't feel like I'm as fit as I could be. But it is to be expected that it will take some time to allow the body to heal. You may not feel motivated to exercise because stopping smoking is a big part of your routine to say goodbye to. Maybe set yourself a goal to work towards. I'm planning a hiking trip and am using that as my motivation to exercise and stay of the cigarettes. Try to eat healthy and maybe start light with walks instead of running. Drink lots of herbal teas. I like to brew fresh ginger as it helps with chest and sinus congestion.



Welcome TashaM13 and congratulations on 4 weeks smoke free, that is great! Your post reminded me of myself at your stage of my quit (1 year quit a couple of weeks ago). I thought that I should feel wonderful as soon as I put out my last cigarette but unfortunately it doesn't work like that.

It is a gradual healing process of our body from the poisonous toxins from just 1 smoke so you have to be patient - very patient in fact. I would say I started to feel somewhat normal again around the 3 month mark but it is different for everyone - definitely after the 6 months, I really felt the best I felt in my quit but every milestone reached the healing process is coming along further - e.g. after 3 days the nicotine is out of system.

I think the best thing to do is embrace the quit and look forward to your body healing - there is so much to look forward to, namely a new found healthier and happier life :)

Keep us updated on your progress....

See below pinned posts on time frames

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It takes time, but I started to feel happier with my quit at around 3 months. I do remember feeling tired with very little motivation for anything in the first few weeks. Just hang on in there you will feel great soon.

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Hello TashaM13 . Well done on getting this far. Do not give in now!

I have been quit just over 2 months and feel the same. I too am into exercise and do a lot of it. I was expecting to feel amazing as well but the truth is, I feel absolutely no different at all! I am not even completely sure that exercise is easier either. This may change in the future of course, I just don't know when or even if it will happen.

Don't let this put you off. I too was looking forward to the whole feeling awesome' thing. Never mind 😐 !!

Keep going. Try not to lose motivation for your running ( I have to force myself to go to the gym quite often, it is so easy not to bother) and in the long term, quitting will improve your running.

Stick with it. 😊😊😊


Trasha.. On numerous occasions I wished for a fast forward button....Today 16 months later I am very glad my wish was not granted because : Now I am a smoker who never wants to smoke again and went through that hell again and will certainly stay smoke free for the rest of my life...There is no way around and the only way is through...!!!! Strongs !!

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Sorry for the name spelling... TashaM.. maybe the keyboard bit dusty in this drought.. !!!


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