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Smoking (or not!) in hospital

A few weeks ago I posted about someone in high dependency at the same time as me, coughing away ... and asking if he could have a cigarette! At that time I said how pleased I was that I'd given up, or that would probably have been me. Well, I'm back in hospital, recovering from another (3rd) emergency operation, and a chap has just wandered along the corridor, attached to a drip, asking a nurse if he and his drip could go outside for a cigarette, so off in the lift he's gone. I'm not being smug because I've given up, as I know it is absolute hell, but - once again - I'm pleased that I'm no longer a puffer because I would have been really suffering and doubt that I could have thought of anything but when I could have the next cigarette. Also not sure how my poor old body would have coped with yet another anaesthetic!

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Oh no, hope everything goes alright chickweed, get well soon. Third emergency operation!!!?

When my dad was in hospital I noticed all the smokers standing outside with their cigs and their drip stands. One bloke on the ward didn't even bother doing that. He just sat on his bed, pulled out a pack of cigars and lit one up! The nurse came flying in and swatted it out of his mouth. She then took the pack from him and asked if he had any more. He said "Aye, but I'm not telling YOU where they are!" It was bloody hilarious.


I see you've met my partner Nozmo!


Hello. Sorry to hear that you are back in for another 'op. Hope you are OK.

You are absolutely right to be relieved you've given up. Worrying about not being able to smoke would have made things much worse indeed. And you should be rather pleased with yourself because you have quit.

I hope you get better soon. 😊

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Wishing you a speedy and full recovery Chickweed1

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