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No Smoking Day
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Oh no HELP!!

I've be stopping smoking since Monday.

I sleep alot. To much. But at leastI im not smoking!

I am not using champix, but depression is nearly killing me. I am crying te whole time. Getting shakes, sweat etc. How can this be so hard to quit???

I have never battled with anything so much!!! Ive smoked a cigarette just now and feel better.

Cold turkey is for me, this two days i wish i was dead!!!!

So here is what i thought. Dont smoke during the day and when hubby comes home i will smoke 5 with him at night time. So at least i am cutting down almost 20 a day!

5 a day then i will eventually cut down on that as well.

I hate myself for not stopping. But this week was hell. I dont wish it upon my worst enemy!!


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Hey Mecs sorry to read you are suffering very bad. Did you use those Fibre Shake tablets prior to 2 days ago as you could be having severe side affects?

You need to visit your doctor as soon as possible as your feelings you are describing would need professional advice which we would be unable to provide here.

Before you get there, try breathing techniques and drink as much cold water as you can.

Wishing you strength and keep us posted on how you get on with your doctor.


Oh Mecs I was exactly the same way. I cried pretty much daily for 5 1/2 weeks. I put up so many barriers and hurt some people pretty bad with my harsh words. I stopped doing everything for a bit, I hated everything and everyone:(

Today I am 2 months 14 days smoke free. It's been the hardest thing I've ever done!

I hope your able to see your doctor and get some good solid advice. I also hope your able to resume your quit ASAP. Just remember 5 turns into 10 and before you turn around you'll be back to where you started.

I wish you strength πŸ’ͺ

Please keep us posted on how you are.



Mecs...As a big admirer and hopefully friend I am going to be straight forward and bitterly honest with you....Sorry to say but you are not ready to quit smoking... !!

Thinking of cutting down to five or so is not a very good idea and you will not be able to quit....Sorry once again Mecs, I admire your guts to try but please take Roisin's advice and speak to a doctor before attempting again.....The symptoms you described is serious and need medical attention... Depression is a nasty, nasty thing...Please keep on participating and maybe one of us might come up with the right thing for you... thinking of you ......stay strong....!!



it so horrible the feelings of despair.isolation.worthlessness.depression.

you need to talk.ask for help.you are nor alone.it may seem like IT but your not .

don't hold it in.i did and only hurt myselth and my close family.felt so guilty.

you learnt to smoke.now you have to learn not to.

weather you got a smoking depression or the deep depression.you need to see your doctor.

you will be ok.hugs

take care 😊


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