No Smoking Day

8 weeks

Made it to 8 weeks. Still feeling rough but have found out its thyroid related. I do think smoking, being a stimulant, masked how bad my thyroid symptoms are.

I often think that if I went back to drinking loads of coffee and smoking (often picked up a Costa up to 3 times a day) I'd have a metabolism boost and temporarily feel more energy, however I'm not remotely tempted. I believe my body needed to feel this sick so I could sort out the medical problems. I'm healing from a terrible addiction and believe someday soon I will feel well again

It'll all come good

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Well done Lulu_65 on reaching 8 weeks, that is great! Yep, smoking can mask other problems but most a very recoverable through time.

Keep up that mindset that it will all come good, I promise, it will, it takes time and patience for our bodies to heal and you are well on the road to feeling well again....



sounds like your doing great.

what th thyroid symptoms..ive got a few of my own a min .levo causing me a lot of trouble.

anyway.8 weeks.well done

take care 😊

keep kicking 😎


Hello Lulu, sorry you're feeling rough but well done on getting to eight weeks...excellent stuff and great attitude.


Lulu...Yes you have got the right idea... Your body is telling you that something else needs attention....By masking it with caffeine and nicotine is not a good idea.. I will get better.... Stay strong !!


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