Cheap shot

Crappy night sleep, had nightmares of past events only vamped up to win a movie oscar, when I woke up I wanted a smoke like mad, nope. Resist. Then back to sleep to have another nightmare that awakes me and desperately wanting a smoke, decided would just be better to stay awake after only a few hours sleep. Nicotine demon trying to get at me even in my sleep...what a cheap shot!!!! NOPE.

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  • I like the mindset Tracey, keep it up! Are you using Champix? Nightmares are a side effect I believe.....

  • Yes I am on champax, only on half dose though

  • I can cope with a lot but the night time thing and disrupted sleep is a definite no.

    I had a bad day today wanting a ciggie most of the afternoon but thank goodness (now) I made it through. It makes you stronger in a way for the next batch of temptation - hopefully.

  • I remember waking and desperately wanting to smoke; as I used to do if I couldn't sleep. It will pass, probably not much consolation at the moment but it will.

  • Ouch...C/Tracey....Yes Champix ?????... It is a crazy experience Tracey...The one moment you feel on top of the world and the next you are in the gutters (Been there )

    The best you can do is to fight and very easy for me to say now but whilst struggling it was horrifying...Believe, it do go away... when ???? I can not say...Stay Strong !!!

  • Oh dear not good, I have heard Champix can cause these weird dreams. Keep your mind positive you will beat that nicodemon. He's a nasty little fellow he doesn't give in without a fight but he can be beaten

  • Oh this is just horrid isn't it, and oh so dreadful, when feeling tired, and then those dreams, can all be so overwhelming, but I've had to get my little black book out, on your page, it's saying, things will definitely improve.

    With a big bold type, saying fantastic you have come so far, doing .brilliant

    Am hopefull those nasty dreams settle soon.

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