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I feel like I have lost my best friend - the 'one' that is always there with me when I need them

Day 38 and still keeping some sort of focus - albeit, a bedraggled kind of manic one. I swing from positivity to negativity within minutes. It feels like a kind of loneliness. I am filled with energy and productivity one part of the day to absolute lethargy a few hours later. I keep wanting to go to the back door but find I have not 'friend' their anymore. I am slathering myself in spot cream, eating too much, falling asleep and then having insomnia. Who knew being a non smoker was such a myriad of emotions huh. I have to keep at this though. That 'friend' was gonna kill me. I need to become friends with fresh air.

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Great post Trish and all perfectly normal as you are in the thick of the brain re-wiring. It will pass and your body will thank you so much for making friends with the wonderful Mr Fresh Air and not taking Mr Nico back even for a one night stand!

If not already read see below pinned posts which give a good summary of is happening when we quit


I know what you mean, have felt the same as well. think a month into the quit can be an awkward time. The novelty of the first few weeks has gone and you think you should be feeling better than you are...and why do the cravings still happen?

It WILL get easier and your bad days will become less frequent, honestly.


trishohara ... Repeat after me....

'I don't need friends like that'

Mr Nicotine was that friend that always hurt you, punished you when you were late, called to you while you were sleeping. He's not your friend!!!!

Stay strong. You can do this.

I honestly cried, screamed, hated everyone for 3 months. Now at 4 months feel like a huge weight has been lifted. Of course I still have moments when I think..' Wow, would I ever like a smoke right now'. But I didn't. It will get better, please trust your body and leave the mind games to the weak. You are strong ❤️


Oh yes I can relate to this! Quitting can be a very lonely experience. It really does get easier as time goes on. I miss the habit more than the actual cigarette now. It was something to do, something that I did and not doing it any longer leaves gaps all over the place. However, I find that I am becoming used to not doing it. That is not to say I don't think about it because I do, it is just easier not to get suckered in.

To begin with, my addiction was much stronger than my logical thought, so even though I knew the dangers and that smoking would kill me, I did it anyway. Now it is the other way around in that I listen to the logic and act on it.

It gets better, a bit at a time. Hang in there, it is worth the massive amount of effort required. I know quitting just sucks the life out of you, but you are worth it.

Your life is worth saving. 😃😃


"I miss the habit more than the actual cigarette now. It was something to do, something that I did and not doing it any longer leaves gaps all over the place."

That sums it up perfectly for me mushen, couldn't have put it better.


hi trishohara

hope your ok tonight 😊

I felt like I'd lost my friend as well.a friend who was there in sad times.happy times that's was life.😒

well can be happy or sad

you don't need 😈 mr nicotine

he doesn't and never has helped you.

why we miss a horrible thing ill never know

I still have a "second" when I think of smoking.but its gone

same as smoking 😆

we haven't lost a good friend.just a addiction we Can live without

take care 😊

keep kicking 😎


Trish ... I feel and relive your emotions and feelings...This quit thing is strange... We have got the symptoms of a mad animal and everybody says it is normal which is 100% correct ..We battered our brains for years and now there is a chemical war upstairs.. and we are living the collateral damage... Stay strong and be assured it does get easier...!!

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