I feel so strong today

Just knocked back a day at port Douglas out at the marina on a sail boat because my hosts said come have a few drinks couple of smokes I said I've quit they said you sound stressed I said yeah of course and they said that's why you need to come and chill drinks smokes ... Why is it they don't get it .. was so looking forward to going , but I'm not putting myself in that situation...god I am so proud of myself today ha ha

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  • Good for you Empress, well done!   You will have some people as you say 'don't get it', but I found in general non smokers and smokers are very encouraging and supportive, deep down those people that are not would be envious of you quitting....

    You will be stronger the next time to not knock back going out on a sail boat when you have more time in your quit under your belt....

    Wishing you strength....

  • Empresschocky, well done - sounds like you really do have the right attitude to make this work. How much would I love to be on a day's sailing from Port Douglas rather than at my desk :(

    You are strong!

  • Thanks guys 😊😊 for your support😊 This "forum" really helps to get support and to know others are going through the same feelings .., wish this site existed years ago 👍🏽👍🏽🌟😄

  • Thanks kiddo your response means a lot 😊😊

  • Well done Empresschocky for not putting yourself in a potentially tricky situation.  As RoisinO1 said, those who would have you risk your quit and are unsupportive generally, are jealous - they get it, they just don't want to be the last smoker out there.  Sadly there are people around who will actively try to derail you.  You should definitely be proud of yourself.

  • Feel very proud of yourself must have been a hard decision but a very good one. Like Roisin says most people are supportive and encouraging you just have to be aware some smokers are jealous that you have seen the light.  I have a smoking friend who offers me cigs all the time which really did hack me off but now I just feel sorry for her as she is still trapped by the nicodemon.  Keep fighting

  • And proud you indeed should be, to show such willpower, to make the decision you did is quite frankly a person on a mission, three cheers to you.!!!, and while you may or may not have to face the situations in the future, you have your arsenal of weapons at the ready.

    Amazing well done.  look forward to your future posts.


  • Good for you

  • Thanks Trem 

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