No Smoking Day
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We all have the same goal!!!!!

I,ve been consulting my little black book, but I couldn't  find what I needed, soooooo surprised as usually all the information is in there, I was looking for a way to quit, ummmm, ummm,. Then just about when indeed I was getting a little cross with said book it was on the last page. Phew nearly had to throw it out.

Any way I swear it says, champix, lozenge, patch, cold turky, hypnosis, are all methods people use to help them quit, , but indeed it's not the speed it takes, or the method, it's the goal,.

That goal is to stay smoke free, so what ever method suits you,  is the right method.

Just keep going

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Tracey your black book always produces the goods. Sorry you had a tough day - hope tomorrow is a better one. Stay strong


You're going to have to get that little black book published Tracey...I would buy it!

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