No Smoking Day
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Still here, not grown another head!!

Well just a little update, it's quite a phenomenal thing,  when quitting we almost assume something, quite terrible will happen, like growing another head, or being angry, or batting our heads against a wall.  But no nothing happens, that is apart from getting healthy on the inside.  Indeed that a wonderful thing , So for tomorrow at least, I will not smoke. I will just keep going, and eating copious amounts of food.

Hope you all have a good smoke free day 

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Thanks Tracey...Yes we thought lots of things will happen to us like me thinking I am gonna be a 25 year old stud and even that did not happen but very true, a lot of other things improved...!!


Today is day 24 without a cigarette. Although the past couple of weeks have been tougher than the first, I've been on the quit road many times before, and can handle the insecurities, doubts and longing. I found a cigarette in one of my binders at work today. I rehearsed the scene in my mind. I just go outside and light up. Everyone would understand! It's so tough! they would all say and accept me back without delay. Screw that. I just buried my dad (lung cancer) and my uncle has colon cancer, both lifelong heavy smokers. I could say well they're both over 80, but still that's No way to get old, suffering needlessly! I know we can all do this!! Because it does matter, not only to us but the ones who care about us. If anyone tries to get you to smoke just remember: they may think they're losing you. Don't do it for anyone, ever. Never another puff

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Huge welcome karen_ele863 and well done on 24 days, nearly at your first major milestone of 1 month, that is great!   You appear to be in a good mindset and know what you have to do.   Keep it up!    Wishing you success and strength and look forward to reading your progress.  (Sorry to read about your Dad and uncle, very tough....)

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