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Very Nice “Eventful” Workers day weekend

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HercuValued Contributor

Took the long weekend off and planned a jet fishing trip…Hoped to have the “new” Disco but still awaiting the log book to be transferred to my name..and as I was once told by an African..”You Europeans invented the watch but we Africans invented time”…. Time is of no importance in Africa…4 weeks now !!

Then the cherry on the cake…First launch broke the impeller shaft of the jet ski..and we was stranded..(Did not took the Kayak with)..Lesson learned..!!

But always nice and relaxing and I got my vitamin “Sea”

A few remarks on those I missed…

Lexree…Yes for sure it is a “”rollercoaster of ups and down but I am still smoke free today!!!! Well done !!

Madzoya :Feliz aniversário, meu amigo!

Atta…Finishing the London Marathon last week in the heat is such a huge accomplishment, well done !

Chelsea ….90 days in a Jiff ..good going !!

Jeff..Amazing artwork and yes ..Poor non-smokers that was standing next to me …sorry !!!

Carnelle ..welcome ..Keep those hands busy and the mind will follow…

Well done and by now almost on 10 days .. excellent..!

Alynn..Huge six months… well done…For me the table turned on six months…All the best…Stay positive ..!

Laggatachocolate…good for you…5.5 km nice !!!

Helpmequit…..Nailed it with the words…… “I feel your sense of pride and achievement as important milestones and targets are reached.” If this forum can bring that message over it reached its purpose …!

You can be very proud of yourself.. !!!

CAS.. welcome again…series quitters do exist all over and one day, just one day they make a “Mistake”and nail it..!!

This is your one day for a successful mistake …Strongs !!

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hi Hercu

how are you,how's your beautiful family.

I hope you had plenty of rain.

ive been very busy with looking after my grandchildren,school runs,still mo job.

ive still got blooming headaches,but.

anyway always a pleasure reading your post.

take care 😊

keep kicking 😎

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HercuValued Contributor in reply to Hidden

Hi Lizzy...The granddaughters are fabulous and today (3 rd) is the youngest birthday...8 years

We had her "party" on the beach Sunday and was enjoyed by old and young...They (She and the older sis) slept over last night and grandma woke her up this morning with coffee and cookies in bed...That little face is engraved in my memory for life...

We might survive the winter although our main water reservoir is at 29.56%..frightening as our supposed rain season is over...But we keep on praying and trust in the upper hand..!

Wishing you all the luck and I adore your bravery...Stay strong..!!

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Great post as always, good that you are keeping well (lucky with the jet ski and all ok!)

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HercuValued Contributor in reply to RoisinO1

Hi Roisin ..Thank you..Yes..we were just throttling for the first wave when it broke..15 meters from shore....Had the damage quoted and seriously doubt if I am going to repair..

We discussed to sell it as is and maybe buy us a small craft....... then the family can also enjoy it

whilst we are fishing...Time will learn.

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Hey Hercu - whohoo, over 3 years smoke free! Huge congrats, just catching up with the milestone badges and replies - slowly but surely :)

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