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14 days

Two weeks quit now, although it seems longer. Some days it's an uphill struggle but I'm determined to stay quit.  It's a beautiful warm day here in Spain so enjoying sitting outside with my book. Went shopping this morning and treat myself to to some nice sandals with some of the money I've saved not smoking. Hope everyone else is enjoying their smoke free Easter

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hiya Jeannie

what a lovely post.l wish we had sun here in UK.

its brilliant how you are doing.your doing great.

you take care.have a nice cold drink for me.but leave the mucky fag ha.

take care in the sun.( I'm not at all jealous LOL



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Huge well done Jean, 2 weeks is great!   Once you get the first month over you, time passes by much quicker....

Weather here in Ireland is brutal which is disappointing for Easter, always good weather but its early this year and still in March, had 4 seasons today, wind, rain, hail and sun!

Keep up the good work!


Congratulations on two weeks Jean, you've really stuck at it. Enjoy the sun!


agreed! a month seems to be a big milestone - at that point, you probably won't ever want to go back. good job!


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