23 days without smoking

Im really happy i have managed to get this far.i no i still have long way to go but im giving it my best shot and still determined as i was when decided to stop smoking.some days are easier than others but my urges have decreased so thats a good thing.i like to thank you all for support you and coming on here has helped me so much.happy easter everyone and good luck with quitting

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  • Hey Joe, 23 days is great, nearly at your huge 1 month milestone, well done!   Keep up the mindset you have.   Once you get the first month over you, things do get easier as time passes by, and goes quicker too!

  • You're doing yourself proud Joe, 23 days is great!

  • Great achievement 23 days. You will win through your doing so well

  • Doing great Joe. I know how tough it can get. I am on my third week of the patches and it is getting easier. Keep it up your doing well 😊

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