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One week gone and feeling good. Too good?

Hi everyone, I reached my one week mark yesterday and am feeling really good. A few annoying symptoms and cravings but nothing my vaper didn't help with. I am a bit worried that maybe I'm finding it too easy and by using my vaper I haven't really given up at all. I have managed to get over hurdles such as quiet weekends, working at home, busy and not busy times at work. When I get symptoms such as being fidgety or achy or foggy I go and have a few puffs or have a lozenge and I feel ok within a few minutes. I know some triggers to look out for from past experiences, such as thinking I'm 'cured' and 'just one' is ok.

Can anyone think of anything else I need to be on the lookout for, or think I've made a huge mistake using the vaper? I think I would struggle hugely to give that up completely right now and would prefer to leave it a while before considering it.

Thanks xx

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Hi toniR

I'm vaping.i find it easy.feel like I haven't really stoped.

To me that's ok.i will lower my nicotine over looking at my first reduction soon then in few weeks (hopefully go down to smallest nicotine liquid)

Then stop altogether.that's my plan

But whatever.4000 chemicals are not entertaining your body.that must only be good.

I'm going.ive had a crap you know.

Take care

Keep kicking

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All methods can lead to failure and all methods can lead to success. I would just advise going with the method that suits you best, as an individual.

I used an ecig and I was climbing up the wall during the first two weeks so there's nothing wrong with finding it easy. That's great!

Well done Toni!!


Hey Toni, huge congratulations on reaching 1 week milestone, that is great and huge achievement, hope you treat yourself to something nice....

Everyone uses the quit method that suits them, yours is vaping, you don't appear to be dependent on it so maybe plan to go down to 0% nicotine very soon, you will know whats best.....keep going, you are doing so well!


I think a lot of it is mind set. I'm 4 weeks in this quit and I've not really had any issues. It's been easy. But that's because I expected to I didn't allow myself to become addicted again (quit 5 years ago and started again 1 year ago)

The other guys are right, use what works for you. For me I could only go cold turkey. For me, to keep feeding the demon, even without the 4000 other chemicals, like cyanide and formaldehyde, the two that really stuck with me, wasn't an option. A friend of mine is now addicted to the gum and still on it 5 years on, what was the point in quitting?

I have an addictive personality so swapping one for the other didn't work in my life but you have to do what's right for you. Whatever keeps you quit.

Keep on keeping on!


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