Day 6

Morning everyone , hope everyone is feeling good so far , I had a much better day yesterday my sore throat has practically gone , I went out for lunch with my mum who I haven't seen for a while she was so happy that I have stopped smoking ( she quit 3 years ago on a 2 pack a day habit for 30 years) ! So I always have it in my mind that if you really want to quit you can she is proof for me, I also went to a cash and carry yesterday my other half has noticed that I seem to be having a 2-3 chuppa chubs a day to help my cravings he suggested I buy a box if it helps me. hoping today will be as good as yesterday ! Xx

3 Replies

  • Hi Jessica!

    It's good you keep in contact with your mother, since she's part of your support system! I think it's great to have such motivation so close to you.

    Cigarette-wise, do anything you can to keep your hands and mouth busy. You can even go overboard with it, as long as you don't smoke.

    Good luck!

  • Well done Jessica, you are doing great! As Kate said, do whatever it takes not to smoke....

  • Well done on another day without smoking and glad your throat is better.

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