No Smoking Day
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These days have been crucial to my minimalism journey, since I de-cluttered absolutely everything.

I haven't smoked since 10th of March and I'm currently on my 3rd day of not smoking, and it's all going well! The craving and less frequent and less violent and controlling. They also last less time.

TIP: Incorporate "morning pages" into your morning routine! FemmeHead (one of my favorite Youtubers) has a video all about this concept and I really recommend it!

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Good to hear it's going well Kate. I'm going to check out your YouTube vid later.

I had a thought:

You're into minimalism right? Surely smoking can be thought of as a type of clutter? It complicates your life. You have to organise your life around it - where to have the next cigarette, make sure you have your cigs and lighter before you go anywhere, smoking ban in public places etc...

It also clutters up your lungs and arteries.

By stopping smoking you are making your life simpler, and more minimalistic, by getting rid of all the baggage that comes with cigarettes.

Ta da!!!!


You're so right, that's exactly what I was thinking!


Well done and keep it going!

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