No Smoking Day
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Almost done

So, my second day of being smoke-free is coming to an end (6pm here in Romania) well, at least for me since I go to bed really early haha! But today was great. Had some cravings, of course, but I just let them go and didn't take any action. I hope tomorrow will be just as easy.

My day was kind of productive, shall I say. Mainly because I de-cluttered a lot. As some of you may know, I'm a minimalist, but over the last few months I've accumulated some stuff and belongings which I didn't really use anymore so I took the time to sort them and I will later on donate them. I now have only one box left to sort through and I'll be done with de-cluttering for a few months!

How did you day go? (^ ^)

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Good for you, good to keep busy, I am still working through my mini projects I done up when I quit in September, today was literally a spring cleaning day as only seen evidence of it weather wise, roll on the long, bright summer evenings....

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Well done Kate, glad to hear today went well. I've been de-cluttering in the garden today as mild weather finally reached Tyneside. I love getting rid of stuff but it gets me into trouble with my wife and kids 😀


I finally went through that last box and now I'm all done. I feel so refreshed! That's why I love minimalism, it just makes me so happy.


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