No Smoking Day
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You can do it!

After 12 years of smoking 20 a day and even more on nights out. I decided enough was enough. my mum had quit 2 months before after 40 years of smoking and I thought if she could do it so could I!

I have quit for 9 weeks now I no longer crave cigarettes or miss them!

Not only are people starting to notice it in my appearance (completion mainly), people in the office don't have to deal with me whiffing the place when I "Nip out" for a cig

I am noticing my bank balance looking healthier too!! So far my no smoking has paid for my flights to Tenerife and two passports!

I can taste and smell better and I am finally after a rough few weeks sleeping better.

The best thing is that my two young daughters being so proud of me and my mum.

Here's to a happier, healthier and much wealthier 2016

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Huge welcome Vicks and what an excellent positive first post! You appear to be well on your way and likely due to the great attitude you have. Well done! Keep it up and to your Mam too....

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Thank you x


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