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My birthday

Hi my name is Emily, and i'm 21(about to be 22!)

Every now and again national no smoking day falls on my birthday. this year is one of those years.

In fact, i was born on national no smoking day, a fact my mum likes to remind me of quite often indeed!

I had always been very anti smoking, until i went to college and most of my friends smoked! A-Levels got the best of me and i started when i was roughly 17. Since then i have quit roughly 2-3 times and have lasted up to 6 months each time, but have always managed to fall back into smoking one way or another. This year for my birthday i will be starting the quitting smoking journey yet again with the hopes of beating it for good this time!

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My birthday as well Emily...only my 9th of March was considerably longer ago than yours was!

Best of luck next week, keep posting to let everybody know how it's going.


Welcome Emily, going by your frame of mind from your 1st post you appear to be in a great frame of mind, wishing you strength and success for the 9th and look forward to seeing you in Day 1!


Emily, I know at this point in your life you won't fully understand just how lucky you are to be coming here for support in your desire to quit smoking. Sadly most of us have been smokers longer than you've been on the earth. That being said, your mindset is perfect, quit and never stop quitting. Frig, 4 or 5 years as a smoker has already got a hold of you so you can just imagine how ingrained into your lifestyle it will become if you continue. There has simply never been a better time to quit, and that time is right now, it goes for everybody. Right now! This second! We can come up with all sorts of ways to justify pushing off our quitting day because of a million different reasons that we desperately hope make sense but deep down we know they don't. We're here to lend a virtual ear when the with drawl eats away at you, you'll feel weak and tempted but every single minute you continue to say to yourself 'NO, I won't smoke!' will help make the next minute a little bit easier to deal with. I wish you luck but more than that I wish you willpower to put up a good fight and stay strong. You can do this believe me, many have gone before you successfully and the ones that aren't successful will be gone before you. C'mon Em, you got this.


Hey Emily, how are you getting on?


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