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Day 18...Really?

Just been so busy that I haven't been able to log in .....still finding the 5-8pm hurdle really difficult and really snapped at my daughter much so that she stropped off and I won't see her until Sunday...just got fed up of walking in the house and plates of food being left everywhere, dirty clothes piled on the floor, clean clothes on the floor, pots, pans just left piled up in the kitchen, spray tan all over the carpet...just lost it...but then feel I should have done this years ago. But still feel really when I came in she just came in and gave me a big hug as she could see I was feeling really down. In the week I'm fine during the day...dreading the weekend though...trying to plan to be in places where I couldn't smoke anyway...but there's got to be a time when I just have to face the demons and be at home, but not smoking.

Just also wanted to say thanks to other members for being so supportive .....I just keep saying to myself I am happy not smoking ...and when I walk past the smokers huddling outside at work in the freezing cold I actually mean it! and the fact that I don't smell of smoke all the time is a real bonus!

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What a torrid time for you, indeed I sooooo remember all that mess, it only seems like yesterday,but all tidy now they've left home.

What a fanatic achievement 18 days amazing, so give your self a pat on the back.

For me at least , ,I,m just realising I just have to keep going, why I started again after a year, I,ll never know

Nearly three weeks done how fantastic, and I bet you, people are wanting to be where you are now.

Well done to you


Thank you Tracey....tell me about it ... I quit for 14 years and still went back to was SO easy it was frightening! proud that you've said no to the madness..take care!


Gosh, just shows, how strong a addiction it is. Be proud


Ah Dulavinsky, I am so delighted things have improved for you, I am sure your daughter knows you do not mean to snap and will understand and be so proud of you...just take each day as it comes. Great achievement to reach Day 18 - well done you!


" and the fact that I don't smell of smoke all the time is a real bonus!"

Dulavinsky... If I should be asked what is the Immediate advantage op quitting I would without doubt say it is the smell....Geepers... smokers smells horrible !!!!

That tobacco stench is clinging on them... Damn I smelled like that 2 thirds of my life so far...

You are doing extremely well !!!


Agree 100% Hercu with ya, think that horrendous smell from smoking is what will keep me quit,actually makes me feel sick!


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