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I could still deck someone!


This is Day 4 for me.....going cold turkey and am finding it all very difficult. This is the 3rd time I have 'given up' smoking (first time I lasted 5 years and the second time 14 years) and this is the worst ever. I am just SO ANGRY with everyone...when of course, I should be angry with myself. I do know it will pass, but the emotional lows are unbelievable... I seriously feel 'what's the point of giving up? as I am not drinking as well (if I drink I want to smoke) and I am trying to watch what I eat.....It sounds stupid but I feel as if there is nothing to look forward to. I am usually a very placid laid back person but seriously I really feel close to loosing my temper all the time! Any help or support gratefully received (not getting it at home!)

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I feel your pain mate. My advice would be that you're trying too much - if you want to have a beer have one as long as it's at home and you don't have any cigarettes about. I was going to stop drinking as well but I'm letting myself have a glass of wine otherwise I'd be stressing about that as well. Hope that helps.

Canwes1000 Days Smoke Free

So here's what worked for me, just say'in. Quit cold turkey, yes. Basically gave up drinking for a little while but honestly I was so used to doing both together the lack of drinks didn't bother me. As for eating, I ate whatever I wanted for the first month or two, I drank a lot of water, I slept whenever I could sneek in a nap, then after a while I started exercising (running) each day or two and if I didn't run I'd walk the same distance, eventually the walking stopped and it was just running, first a k or two now 8 or 10 and my heart rate recovery is fantastic now. I guess what I'm saying is choose your vices at the right time, if eating helps you get over quitting smoking, great, you'll live to diet another day. You know you best, so do what works for you, just don't smoke :)


I couldn't agree more with the comment above.

Alcohol is an addiction and it wouldn't be natural to struggle to avoid drinking for a while unless there's an issue in there.

Im not a pioneer, I drink when I feel like, I never get drunk because I find it revolting and not sexy at all.

Anyways, the reason why people drink is to make them feel lighter - in the head only - that will impaire their ability to judge a critical craving.

The same way coffee is a stimulants therefore must be avoided, you need to stay calm and focused at this stage

I resumed to huge amounts of water and a lot of sleep.

Many many times when I started struggling, I just went to sleep.

The biggest triggers for smokers and people with eating disorders are actually lack of rest, too tired & lack of sleep, and dehydration.

Common enough if you look for dietary info, you'll see that people resume to food when they feel they are in need of something, whereas what they really need is a big glass of water.

And for us, we go or want to go for a smoke, but really what you need is a big glass of water.

NozmoValued Contributor

Know exactly what you mean there Dulavinsky. During previous cold turkey quits I was getting angry at EVERYTHING. It got to the stage when my wife actually bought me some and told me to smoke them so I would cheer up before we went on holiday.

It will pass but it might take a while.

Thanks for all of your kind messages....I'm trying to sleep (but dreaming crazy dreams!) drinking more water and cleaning the house .....so at least that's a positive movex

GrahamA3 Years Smoke Free

I would agree that you may be trying to do too much at once. I didn't stop drinking and my coffee consumption increased sharply (presumably as compensation). I never associated drinking or coffee with smoking, so maybe that was different for me.


You should read the first few weeks of angry bear's posts. He suffered the exact same thing. Hopefully reading about his journey will help you see that it does get better.

Hang in there, it won't last much longer x

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