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Not coughing?

Hello and good day to all! I am on day 19 of my cold turkey quit and I have yet to experience coughing up the bad stuff. I have read on many sites/forums that this happens so I wonder why it is not happening to me? Can I expect it to happen later? Does this mean my body is getting rid of it in a different way or is it now getting rid of it? I eat clean, exercise and drink a ton of water and tea. On a good note, I no longer have the morning cough and phlegm throughout the day. My voice is starting to change too - less raspy.

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I've never had that either. In fact I didn't even know about it. I've done 36 days. Never had a cough before and haven't coughed up anything since either. Maybe the body just absorbs it and excretes it in other ways?


Hey tko, I started the coughing up of the tar from Day 9 until about Day 16, it was not a pretty sight and scared me to see what I was doing to my body and it is something that will stick with me in my quit that I never want to see again, I actually started coughing up a little again last week (currently in Week 12), it is suppose to be a good sign that your lungs are clearing out - think it depends on how heavy a smoker you were, I was smoking 20 a day unfortunately....

PS Well done on reaching Day 19, you are doing great!


I had cough alright but that's because I had an horrendous infection on my lungs at the time.

I also read about coughing out the tar but I never got any of that...and I've smoked for 28 years.

I did have a pretty bad cough, not because I stopped smoking but because I was very sick, unfortunately.


You all are the lucky ones.... I had it bad.... It is not nice and even to speak of I am getting nauseas again..... Taste like burnt meat and looks like coffee grime...Lasted about two weeks on the peak and then gone.....But that is only one of the reasons why I never want to go through this experience again.


Same here Hercu, I will never forget that image!


Thanks you know how bad it can be ....!


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