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Hello All, I am posting in week 2 rather than month 2 as I did smoke for about 3 days before quitting again last Wednesday at 7pm. I decided to just go it CT and the first week was a piece of cake. day 7,8 and now 9 thought I am thinking about smoking ALOT. I also keep thinking about this really elegant looking ecig I saw in spain on holiday in I don't know why. At the moment im using the blind faith technique of telling myself 'just wait and see'.

I know it gets better because ive been there. But I keep getting these thoughts of dread and panic especially when I think about doing uni work. Im ok going to work and just going with the flow but deadline and pressure make me freak out. I keep thinking perhaps I have picked the wrong time but then I think well im 9 days in to it now, and as far as quits go this one has been the most symptom free so why flush that down the toilet and smoke for 8 months to perhaps find it really intolerable next time? is it really worth it?

I used to do all my uni work alone as I work best alone.....maybe because I could puff away an type. Now im thinking writing assignments is really triggering at the moment and perhaps I should go to the campus library where you cant smoke anyway to do my work. Might have to break that link. what do you guys think?

I know in time it will get better. I looked at a previous post of mine at the 6 month mark where im happy, im starting to lose weight I gained (so clearly not using food as a crutch any longer) and I sound like a propa ex smoker. Maybe I should just give myself a break and accept its going to take time to be a comfortable non smoker, I mean it will happen or no one would stay quit.

Ramble over. :)

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Hi Niki...Thank you for not quitting to quit... Stay strong and remember we are here for you...avoiding the triggers might be a good idea...


Very well done done getting back on board after just three days. You're definitely going to make it.

I've learnt something from you too. Identifying and avoiding triggers. I need to do that too. I tend to just suffer through them and feel very sorry for myself.

I almost smoked today, the only reason I didn't was because there weren't any available. So tomorrow I'm getting back on track.

Thanks for your encouraging post.


You know what Becky, Allen Carr says to get on with life as normal but I disagree with him on certain things. End of the day if it keeps you safe for 6 months then one day you will be able to do/be in those triggering situations with 6 months+ behind you and smoking memories nearly forgotten and then face it. same with weight point fighting it until you lose the urge to fill the hole. Things like seeing friends etc shouldn't be avoided because they are also beneficial but if you find the pub triggering, suggest a restaurant etc

good luck Becky you will be fine! xx


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