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Weight Loss Challenge

I am on day 16 of my cold turkey quit and I do not know what is wrong with my body but I am gaining weight like crazy. I have not eaten as much as the scale is showing and I am very in tune with my body, health, nutrition and fitness. I few years ago I lost a LOT of weight. Is anyone interested in a weight loss challenge? I know it is a challenging time of year to start this but I would rather keep it in check or lose a bit throughout the holidays then get on the scale on 1/1/16 and be up 10 lbs! I suggest we weigh in tomorrow (Wednesday) and then every Wednesday we post whether we lost, gained or stayed the same. No need to post weight as I do not care to share! We can support each other throughout the week with ideas to keep our diets in check while we remain smoke free! Any takers?

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Cool, I'm not in though lol

I'll join you if you do it after the Christmas season... I've been waiting all year to attack the cakes, cookies and Christmas goodies....not now, I'm afraid.

I don't like the 1st Jan either, if you reset it to any other day I'll join you :)


I'm on day 32 and am now too scared to get on the scale. The weight is piling on! :(

I feel I can only deal with one thing at a time so once I'm on top of this quit I can then address the weight issue. Hopefully it won't be too long now.

If I post my weekly weight gain now (because I doubt there will be any losses) I'm afraid it might put people off their decision to quit!

Also facing the season smoke-free is challenging enough without depriving myself of the food that goes with it.

I don't want to feel like I'm punishing myself. :).

Let's start the food quit in the new year.


TK.... Well my story is a bit different and would like to share.....

I always considered myself as on of the lucky ones and can still fit in my marriage suit. I am married for 36 years. At a stage I was actually very skinny and dropped to a mere 63 kg and my length perfect weight should be 72 kg. (1.7 m)

I eat a slab of whole nut chocolate almost every day and drink close to 2 liters Coke every day, I eat white bread with butter and jam, Honey, syrup,(anything it must be sweet) and I never gained weight. I love red meat and must have as much as possible fat on it. Potatoes in any form Cooked, baked or as french fries is a huge favourite.

The moral is you can catch me in a trap with something sweet.

Stopped smoking 5 month s ago and gained 1 kilo per month and very happy to be on 68 kilos.

Once again I must say that I really consider myself as lucky where my poor wife can just look at a chocolate to gain 1 kilo...

She now eats two pieces of chocolate just to balance the weight on each hip....;)

She battled a diet on the beginning of my quit and can you imagine the growling and barking in our household at that stage between us.. I believe going on diet is the same emotional stress than as to quit smoking.

So we got a competition between us... the first on 70 kg is the winner... I must gain and she must loose....

Winning prize: for her a weekend at the Royal Swazi mountain spa and for me a kayak fishing weekend...


Just gone off you Hercu :)


I love it Hercu! My partner is like you, he can eat the all McDonalds without putting on a gr.

I'm 1.71m as well and my average weight is 65/66 , I am also puttin on 1 kilo a month, I've gained 3 kilos so far...I'm not too worried as I do not have eating issues, my only issue is with the cigarettes. I'll lose the weight after.

You are absolutely correct, losing weight and stop smoking is exactly the same, they are both addictions...I'm even about to say losing weight must be more difficult than stop smoking as there seems to be more people actually quitting the cigarettes than losing weight.

I've lost 25 kilos 4 years ago, I've piled up the weight mostly because of a medical treatment I did in the past, it was very easy(ish) for me because I don't have a food problem but everyone that was on the same program struggled big time.


Hey tko, I would not worry too much about the weight gain as your brain at the moment is probably in paranoia mode, after 21 days, the mental battle starts and you really don't need any additional unecessary pressure, you seem a very motivated person and the weight can be addressed at a later stage.


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