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Day 36 :)

Hello fellow ex smokers,

So here I am day 36. Tiredness, gone, concentration...returning. sense of humor...getting there. So last time I posted I said I was stopping the ecig. I have been unsuccessful in that at the moment. My rationale? Well, currently im on a student placement for my mental health nursing degree, where I spend time in practice learning 'hands on'. It also happens to be my relapse signature, which I only realised on reflection the other day. When I quit cold turkey before, I started using ecig on placement. I then stopped it...restarted ecig on placement again. Then I relapsed on to cigarettes on yes, another placement.

I feel so positive in my current quit that I don't want to push myself especially at a time I know I am vulnerable for set backs. I have 3 weeks left on placement and then I am done for 5 weeks until my next one (which will only be a 3 day a week placement rather than 5). Its hard because although I SOOO wanna stop using the ecig, there is so much pressure on me on these placements to perform as I am judged and marked on my performance. Its also my future and livelihood. so my plan is to hold fire for now, and wait the 3 weeks I have left and be kind to myself and stop using the ecig when I am under less pressure and give myself the time (ill be lucky enough) to have to chill out while I readjust.

Other than this, no thoughts of wanting to smoke a cigarette. In fact it feels almost alien now. peace xx

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As long as you don't smoke, Nikki, do what you need to. Some people use the ecig for the nicotine and some for the hand-mouth habit. If you can try moving to a lower nic percent. I switched to 0% 70 days ago. The last 10 days I noticed that I barely touch the device anymore. So I think it helps and I think it can be a temporary crutch.


Hi Nikki.... The urge to do something with your hands will be with you for a long time...Glad to hear you don't crave a cigarette (Nicotine). To overcome the habit I have put a few peppermint candy's in my pocket....Strongs !!


Well done Nikki on reaching Day 36, do whatever is best for you not to smoke.


Well done Nikki! Stay strong :)


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