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Day 5 progress

Ugh. It has been a difficult day only because I'm trying to be tough again and not chew the gum. This afternoon I asked myself why I was choosing to suffer through withdrawal symptoms at a time when withdrawal symptoms are the last thing I need. Then I told myself that was the nicotine addiction talking, and then I told myself to shut up. Who cares.

The whole point to my quitting the way I have is because I cannot handle breaking the smoking habit AND the nicotine addiction at the same time. I promised myself I'd use the gum, so I'd better hold to that promise. I had one piece yesterday, and two so far today, so it's not even like I'm using it that much.

I did not once today think 'I need a smoke' or even 'I want a smoke' so that in itself is something to celebrate. The habit of it is passing. I am still thinking about smoking in general, so that's not brilliant but I expect that will continue for a while. It really is a drastic change, isn't it, to go from lighting up twelve to fifteen times a day to not lighting up at all. I am trying to be kind to myself. I have eaten every apple in the house and walked the dog three times.

The whole thing IS getting easier. And harder, which is weird. I have not wavered, nor will I, but is nice to be able to come here and know there are people who have done this before me and are doing it right now. Onwards.

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I know what you mean LizzieLu. It is weird at the beginning of a quit but I suppose it's bound to be since we're changing the habit of a lifetime. To me it felt kind of like the loss of a good friend (which is absolutely ridiculous I know). Despite the ups and downs that go with quitting I'm getting a great sense of achievement as the smoke free days quickly mount up and I hope you're feeling the same.

Keep up the positive spirit and don't look back. The only way is up now.:D


Hang in there, you will be glad you did. The cravings get better after a week or two. I'm on day 60 and I still think about smoking. But much less than I did, and for one or two seconds. Often when I wake because the first thing I did was smoke in the morning.


I can only speak for myself, the cravings are gone completely, what I do have is the habit still sticking out every so often.

...and for that I just have to have a little chat with myself, a few slaps in the wrist and move on....I'm doing this about once evry second day....not bad! I'm on week 9.

The habit wasn't created overnight and it's not going to disappear overnight either.

BUT we know what we want and we will KILL NICO Monster !!!

xxx stay strong buddy!


Well done LizzieLu, you are doing great and I really think with your upbeat positive attitude, you are going to fly this quit. Keep going this way!


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