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Day 5 and more headaches

I'm at the end of Day 5. I'm very pleased with my achievement. But I don't feel any healthier yet. In fact almost every day I've had a headache that doesn't want to budge. And I feel really tired. Is this due to withdrawal still?

My eCig arrived and I was able to have my evening chat outside with hubby, but otherwise I haven't used it.

I've started to tell people (those that knew I smoked) that Ive stopped now. So no going back now Ive told them!

My BIG test will be this weekend with family and friends, all smokers (!) when we have a get together. I'm hoping the eCig will help me through it though. And of course all my new buddies on this forum who've been such a huge support and help so far.

Whenever I feel like giving up (or lighting up) I just read your stories and posts and it helps me to keep on keeping on.

Thanks guys x

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Oh Becky you sound so much relaxed. I'm happy for you.

It does get easier from now on and it is worth it, stay strong!


Well done Becky and glad the ecig is working well to enjoy your chats with hubby in the evenings, I think it will be a huge help to you at the weekend too, you are brave, but possibly no way out of it for you!!

See below some the symptoms you are experiencing which is prefectly normal:

1 – 2 weeks

Headaches Increased blood flow (with more oxygen) to the back of the brain. Drink lots of fluids and do relaxation exercises

2 – 4 weeks

Irritability Your body is desperate for nicotine Relaxation exercises

2 – 4 weeks

Reduced concentration Increased blood flow and oxygen to brain and lack of stimulation from nicotine Don’t over exert yourself.

2 – 4 weeks

Fatigue Without nicotine your metabolic rate drops down to normal Don’t over exert yourself. This feeling will go away in a few weeks


Thank you so much for that info. Looks like I have about a month to get through before I feel better. At least now I know what's wrong.

Very helpful.


Great news. It's all moving forward...the right direction!!! (not the headaches obviously, I mean telling people you have quit, having a chat with your husband etc)

I'll get my coat....:o


Becky, as I told you before I suffer from migraines, I'm very bad, at different occasions I've actually been admitted to the hospital for that.

I'll share with you what I know about migraines and headaches in general hoping this may help you.

There's no cure and everyone's headache/ migraine is triggered by different situations/ circumstances.

1. Make sure you are drinking buckets of water - not any other drink, just still water, at least 2 litre per day.

2. Avoid sweets and specialy chocolate, high levels of sugar are a big trigger, specially chocolate.

3. Too much / too little caffeine, if you have more or less coffee than normal.

4. Mobile phone and tablet screen, huge migraine trigger, go to the settings on your mobile phone and reduce the bright on it, leave it at half scale, that will help hugely.

5. Avoid fat foods and fried food, if possible try to eat healthy. eat regularly at scheduled hours.

6. Stay calm....if it is caused by the lack of nicotine, it will go away very shortly, do not take any painkillers with codeine because they will actually cause the migraine / headache instead. Use aspirin unless you can't take it for any other reason.



Thank you Mmaya! I can see now that I've been doing EVERYTHING wrong as far as the headaches go. Today I'm going to make an effort to follow this advice and see if things improve.

Looking forward to a healthy day six :)


Hello Becky

I'm having such a busy week with relatives here from overseas (all non smokers and also 2 very young children) so I'm not having much time to get the forum let alone think about smoking. I guess it's a good thing even though I'm exhausted already.

Honestly Becky I think you sound as if you're doing really well apart from the headaches. I think they could all be part and parcel of the invisible stress that all of us have to endure in the early days of our quit as we come to terms with the fact that we're having to cope without the cigarettes we've relied on for so long. I know it shouldn't be difficult in the grand scheme of things but I know from my own experience that it is.

I hope your new e-cig will provide some relief . At least you're no longer smoking in the true sense of the word and that has to be good.

You've got a busy weekend ahead (always stressful as you will be rushing around and making sure everything is ready for your guests - why can't we just relax and let them take us as they find us but I think we're all the same?) and I know there are going to be smokers there. It's inevitable that kind of situation will crop up from time to time and there have been so many similar occasions when I've thought that a cigarette would be the answer to my prayers.

It's not a magic wand Becky and I've only recently realised this.

You and I both know we can smoke any time we want to. We can go out and buy them any time we want but the question I now myself now is 'Do I really want to?'.

I can't tell you the number of times when the truthful answer for me would have been 'Yes' but since I've started this last quit of mine (that I'm taking really seriously) something in me seems to have snapped or clicked into place. Who really wants to be a smoker these days - we're a dying breed.

I hope the headaches subside and that you can begin to relax and feel confident about your ability to quit. You aren't losing anything that you can't do without.

See how the next few days go and if the headaches are still a problem then perhaps it might be worth a visit to your GP - something I try to avoid at all costs lol. I do think they are all due to the initial stress of your quit and I do think they will subside. The GP could help if you need it as most of them do provide a smoking cessation programme. I signed up to one at my surgery and did attend a few meetings but I think that for me personally it's better if I just plod on on my own with the help of this forum.

I know I'm rambling and probably not making any sense at all.

What I'm trying to say Becky is that if you just keep going and your motivation remains strong that I know you will achieve what all of us on here are trying to do - give up smoking for good.



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