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Day 28 😇 😈

Hey I fancied moving to this room (considering I'm nearly at the 1mnth mark ☺️ ) , I'm going through so many emotions at the mo I had a really bad day on day 25 then I was ok again , I got it in my head to try an e cig with no nicotine thinking that would help and today all I keep thinking about is should I get one ? Will it really do the trick ? Now I feel I'm obsessing on that and I feel like my heads gonnna explode and I'm craving an e cig ( even though I've never had one ) instead of proper cigs Ahhhhhhh sorry for moaning yet again 😣 but one good thing is I've not cried today and that is what I call a result 😁 x

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Bella, buying an ecigg is like carry a rotten apple in your bag in case if you need do not need it, you've done it already without it ;) now you need to find ways to distract yourself without obsessing with the cigarettes, do you have any interests or hobbies like writing, reading, painting? Anything at all? I started knitting the last time I tried to quit. You need to believe in yourself and carry are good at this quitting business otherwise you wouldn't be here, you would be smoking. Xxx


I know what your saying mmaya which is probably why I've not brought one yet , and hobbie wise I do love reading but I can't concentrate on that at the mo so I just sit on the internet researching and stuff , I am ok though just have up and down moments x


Ok...that's what I'm doing myself, I'm doing a lot of research about quitting in particular about the facts of the quit. Im far too busy during the day but at night after the kids sleeping time, I'm searching over and over, reading full diaries of people that tried to quit before and failed, I'm not really interested in reading about the winners, I want to read about the I can learn with them.just forget about your ecigg please. There was a poster a few weeks ago asking if now that he was not smoking...would it be ok to smoke crack?! wasn't he still smoking then?! If you continue to post, you'll find it will actually keep you busy in a productive way, by sharing your fears and your successes you'll be helping someone to quit....and you'll be helping yourself... Positive re-enforcement... You are better at this job than you are giving yourself credit for. I'll be here all the way whenever you need me xxx


...and by the way, I'm only one week ahead of you! We are on the same boat!


My research is trying to find out when people start feeling better ,then I read 6,7,8 weeks etc and then I get down again because I'm only on week 4 and the thought of all them weeks feeling like this is quite depressing 😫, but I will do it because I never in my wildest dreams thought I could go cold turkey and here I am 4wks later smoke free so I'll carry on fighting xx


I can answer you that very easily from experience and not from research: it will only get better when you stop obsessing with the cigarettes, stop fighting just accept that you do not want to smoke, you made that decision,no one forced you.just embrace it, don't fight it. Continue to live your life, you you were still a smoker, you would still have good and bad days.


I'll try and change my mindset and thank you mmaya and also well done to you 😊 xx


personally I don't see the problem in a zero nicotine ecig. or a herbal cig or something. This early stage you just do whatever gets you through. i have one, and if i think about relapsing i puff the zero nicotine one and realise its not smoking i want its nicotine...and then it reminds me im just thinking like a drug addict so it actually helps to re-affirm the 'habbit' but is actually a lie, its pure addiction or everyone would happily smoke zero nicotine ecigs lol anyways what ever you feel you need. just NO NICOTINE!


Hi Bella and well done on making it to 28 days.

It is normal to feel shaky and vulnerable during the first few weeks of trying to come to terms with life without smoking. We all miss it from time to time but especially at the beginning of our quit!

When you do feel you are craving try to face it head on, take a few deep breaths or drink some water or juice - do anything to get yourself through it. It's easier if you just accept the cravings as something that we have to go through but most of all as something we can deal with. We all seem to spend more time thinking about smoking in the first few weeks of our quit than we did when we were smoking - it's crazy I know.

But it does get easier and the cravings get weaker and weaker and less and less. I'm at 7 weeks now and I'm still keeping my guard up but I have learned that I can actually deal with difficult situations and cravings without wanting to light up a cigarette - and I'm a serial quitter who's been smoking for 30 years.

Just think of how well you've done. You've not smoked for 4 weeks so you're well on your way to success. Be pleased with yourself and think of your quit as something that is within your reach - it is! If it helps get yourself some low sugar sweets or mints and pop one of those in your mouth when you feel a craving coming on. You'll have the odd bad day for a while probably but I promise you that it will get easier.

There are e cigs out there and some people find them really helpful. Anything that actually stops you from lighting up can't be bad but part of quitting is breaking the hand to mouth action that goes with smoking so it might be easier in the long run if you just tried to manage without. Just do what you think is best for you though and if you think an e cig will help then go out and get one.

Quitting is different for everyone so you have to decide which strategies you want to use to help you through yours.

You can do this so believe in yourself.:)


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