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28 days!


Who would've thunk it? I have hit my four week mark! Feeling very proud of myself, and on the whole, have found the process bearable. As I have done this on Champix, I still have a slight anxiety about what will happen when I stop taking the magic pills - will I discover that I am still a smoker at heart?

I'm not actually feeling any great physical benefits of stopping yet - the side effects of the Champix have been worse than how I felt when I was smoking. Still, I know that this will all sort itself out at some point. Mentally, though, I feel really strong and resolve never, never, never to have another puff. Hope that you are all in for a good day.

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u are doing brill for 28 days

i had the same anxiety with stopping the patches but the thought of it is far worse than the actual reality

u will be fine u are already strong in your mind

Thank you Boo and Una - it's good to get some encouragement. I went back to my GP this morning for another champix prescription, and he gave me a big hug - how sweet is that?! He offered to weigh me, but I declined. I know that I have put on a stone, and at some point, I will have to deal with my Polo Mint habit, but one thing at a time, eh?

Well Done Mrs T you are doing brilliantly.

I know how you feel about giving up the tabs. I had that very thought myself today although I still have two and a half months to go. (might ask the nurse if I can have a starter pack at the end and work backwards :))

Keep going

Lingy x

Hi Lingy - I spoke to my GP about coming off the Champix, and he told me I don't have to do it till I feel ready and even then, he can reduce the dosage gently, so not feeling quite so worried now. And ultimately, giving up tablets that are making me feel physically crappy - well how hard can that be?

Una - I don't want to get competitive, but I am also fitting in a pack of fruit pastilles a day on top of the Polo's! And wine gums. I never liked sweets before - not sure that I do now, really, but they are helping. This week, I have been trying to wean myself off by eating tinned fruit in syrup - I hadn't had these since I was a kid in the 60's! The appeal is the sweetness of the syrup, making the fruit slightly less virtuous, I think.

My motto at the moment is: Whatever it takes.

Good luck all.

Hmm. I should warn you that you are talking to a woman who has just consumed half a chocolate swiss roll. This is getting ridiculous - I have turned into a greedy child!

Well done Mrs T ....1 whole month in the bag :) whatever it takes precisely! ...... your doing amazing :)

Thanks Kitkat. I am feeling very pleased with myself at the moment! Good luck to you, too.

4 weeks is a proper job! Congratulations.

You win, Una! But never let it be said I didn't put up a fight!

Thanks Stav - it is a proper job, isn't it? I am starting to believe I can make this work now.

Well Done Mrs T

What a fantastic achievement and one I look forward to getting to.

Keep up the good work


Congratulations Mrs T, I am glad to see that you are doing so well :)

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