Day 31 - getting there

but still a battle ahead, thoughts started of 'one smoke won't do any harm' and there is a sadness over me as just ready to sit down to watch the Ireland v Argentina in the rugby Quarter Finals and when I was a smoker would be smoking like a train to calm me down but I am focused and determined and I will fight this, it will pass...

Its so weird that 31 days in how the nicodemon is still trying to win me over...

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  • hey well done on 31 days, you are 27 days ahead of me!!! are you going CT or using NRT? I find being smoke free leaves you feeing abit raw at times, unmasked almost and you just have to feel the feeling and wait until your 'soul' is over it. It will leave you eventually.

    I read an article that a study was done on smokers. half quit with mindfulness training around crave management and the other half with will power. The results showed mindfulness group had 33% were still smoke free and willpower.....only 7%!!!! that is better results than anything you can get from the GP.

    They said that it was like a screaming child....if you ignore the child, the child gets louder and louder and eventually you cannot ignore it any longer. Where as if you embraced the child until they stopped they would move on and go play with a toy. Try and embrace the new you as much as possible and in time the nicodemon will die x

  • Hey Nikki, thanks for your reply, doing it CT and this forum...I will embrace it and not fight it, will keep looking forward to the nicodemon leaving my soul and dying as you cleverly put so well.....

  • Rowens, there's very little to be added to nikki's comment. It's not the nicotine anymore, it's the damage caused to your nervous system by the chemicals. The nicotine has been feeding the "happy" nerves of your brain, they are damaged. The next 3 weeks are very challenging but knowledge is everything, if you understand what is happening you won't fall for it.the sadness lasts until your quit is solid, some days better and some days worse. Don't fight it, macdonalds has a very good remedy for sadness: Sunday with hot chocolate, there will be no crying after that... Unless your crying for another one. Stay strong! One day at the time and little steps.xxxx

  • Thanks mmaya, I'm grand now, it passed shortly after I posted, after the heartbreaking loss in rugby for Ireland, if I didn't go and buy a box of smokes I never will!!! Joking aside, I have prepared myself for tough days really is unbelievable the damage smoking does to us,

  • It is heartbreaking Rowens..... I so hoped for Ireland and Scotland (2 North+2 South)

    Yup we have got a tuffy...That All Black machine is super tuned !!!

  • LOL mmaya your crying for another macdonalds comment was hilarious!! sometimes a big mac is what you need. im saving dominos night for an emergency!!

  • I don't eat McDonald's at all, I read an article years ago abt their burgers and that was it! But the icecream Sunday with hot chocolate is devine! Now...really, if you've never tried, next time ur having a bad day stop there, you'll see

  • Man, now i really want a big mac... Thanks guys :P

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