No Smoking Day
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Day 3 starting baby

So im starting day 3 now, final 24 hours before I am 100% nicotine free! and I cant wait :) the last two days have actually been a lot easier than I anticipated, I have been carrying on 100% normal with daily life and don't get me wrong I have been getting cravings hit me like a bus but I try and breathe through them and carry on with what im doing.

At the moment I am enjoying being a non smoker. I know there will be testing times. Im eating healthily so I don't gain weight (not bothering to diet!). Allen Carr said he gave up and didn't suffer any loss or depression, maybe its all the mind....who knows. anyways once I get to 72 hours in my head im a non smoker. its just staying that way is the hard part.

Peace out xxxx

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That's the spirit 😍 keep it going, well done! Stay strong.


Well done Nikki and great positivity, keep going :)


Nikki.. You are going to nail this one with that wonderful attitude..!! Stay strong !!


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