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No Smoking Day
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Pretty pleased with my progress...

I just realized I’m writing this in the first few hours of Day Three. How amazing is that? I’ve gone without a cigarette for about fifty hours and thirty five minutes. It’s been a LONG time since that’s happened!

I’ve had cravings, but truth be told, not that many – perhaps a half dozen each of the first two days. And some bouts with lightheadedness, and a bit of dizziness. But it hasn’t been that bad. Perhaps the worst is yet to come – but at least the physical stuff is leaving my body, and it’s down to breaking the habit now.

They say you break or make habits in 21 days. If so, I’m on Day Three and I’m doing pretty damn good. I need to remember that!

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Well done to you for sticking with it!!!

The tough times can be really bad, just have t0 stick with it and it does pass quickly. Keep up the good work!



Great job DGee! Sounds like you're handling the quit really well and though you may still get cravings and encounter tough situations, it sounds like you've got a real grip on things. Well done, and keep up the quit!



I am 60 hrs into my quit, have nearly fallen off the wagon a few times but I am holding on tight, I want this to work, I have tried and failed so many times in the past. Being here has helped so far and long may it continue. It also has helped me understand why I have failed in the past too, it has always been around the three week stage, lets hope this time I have the strength to carry on. Well done DGee keep up the good work :)


What can I say but... WOOP WOOP! Well done!

H x


Hey well done all the day 3'ers! I'm one too and very pleased with the outcome. I got this fab app on my phone called Cessation Nation and according to that we have now all achieved the flwg:-

Heart Rate/Blood Pressure dropped - 100%

Carbon Monoxide in blood has dropped to normal - 100%

Senses of taste and smell have returned - 100%


Nicotine has been removed from your body - 86%

that has to be enough to keep spurring us on eh? One day at a time - I'm not looking to that magical 3 week figure yet - just proud of what I've done so far - but we've got to day 3 so I know we can all hang in there for each other!


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