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(((Knock Knock, Can I Come in Please)))


Whoop, whoop, here i am at the door of week 3 hoping to come in and say "Helloooooooooooooooooo".

Feels kinda werid, week 3~day 15, yup, day 15, OMG how did that happen. Anyhow guys and gals, i am going to calm down the visits on here now and be in the background. I will post still just not daily.

Good luck all and keep up the good work, dont let the NICODEMON back, NO NO NO :)


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Welcome Jo!!!

Well here you are in week 3. That's fantastic and I'm so proud of you :).

Use the forum as and when you feel the need but don't stay away too long :p. Pop in from time to time to let us know how things are going - especially your ever-growing scarf collection :D.

Well done!!!!

Ed xx

Well done Jo

Don't be a stranger now, you hear?

We'll miss your daily updates.


Morning Nutty!!


well done hunny absolutely brilliant.

Snowie xx

Thank you everyone,

Heres to Week 4 and beyond.


week three :) too cool!

I'll breathe on that :) :)

Levs1000 Days Smoke Free

Well done one getting to week 3 hun.

I was going to wait till I had finished my stripy creation before posting a pic of my 3 scarfs but if you are not going to be around alot you might miss it lol

Make sure you do still come on and don't go getting complacent (sp) it's very easy to think 'yeah, i've got this thing beat' and then slipping up cos you let your guard down!!!

Speak to you soon

Sian xx

Hi Hun

Love your scarves. See im getting everyone hooked now. :)

Just thought i'd nip on quickly and say that there is a change of plan, my nurse appt is today now at 4.30pm, that way i can get it over and done with , i dont really want to go but have to so that they can tick the right boxes and all that. It was meant to be tomorrow at 10.30am but thought WTH and changed it.

I am having my hair done tomorrow so that will be a nice treat for me as i am due some pampering at long last.

Anyhow all my new friends, stay smoke free and be stronger than ever. I will be back later.

LOL to all of you.


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