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Day 8 How do you feel?

HI everyone this is my 1st post. I am on day 8.... using alen carr book.... and bio calibration?

The bad cravings are gone.....I feel though that I missing my reward of a cigarette .... Can i find another reward....every 1 hour or sooo

I feel great already ...... I also though feel empty

Any ideas for reward

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Hi groushas.....Welcome and very glad you feel gr8 on day 8.... That dreadful missing something is the trigger that make most of the quitters to take that puff.......

There is no magic reward other than keeping busy and your mind occupied on something else than a cigarette...

I used to make myself a cup of green tea and sip that away.... it is very relaxing.....for the moment....

On the long term I started a project and whenever I got "lonely" I worked on my project

Take it minute by minute and day by day and enjoy the freedom of a smoke free life....... Stay strong !!!


groushas, I turned to running for a stimulant. After a good run a lot of senses are firing on all cylinders. If that's not your thing maybe another form of excercise, it may not seem like a reward but it is to your body. Hang in there and keep reading and posting here. Lots of good info to be found in the archives too.


Agreed! Running is awesome for the feel-good factor :)


I found I was replacing it with black coffee almost every hour. Mind you, I have been drinking coffee since I was 8, so not really surprising, or advisable. How about a sugar free bit of gum which has a nice hit, such as Menthol and Eucalyptus Airwaves?


Hmm I will start swimming.... as soon as possible.,,,, started walking as well... too many vegetables ..... i feel like a cow....

I need a real reward still thinking for stress moments


Well Day 9....... Any more experienced quitters how are the days coming up?


Swimming is a great idea and so are the vegetables, keep off any extra weight from snacking due to the quit. Well done.


Groushas...Day 9 is very well done and the plan to take up swimming excellent.... I want to say you are nailing it (This quit).:cool: :cool:


It really does get easier and easier Groushas :) I'm six months or so in to my quit, and honestly smoking hardly ever crosses my mind now. Keep it up!


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