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Day 5 mood swings

So, this is my 5th day since I quit smoking. I had withdrawal symptoms the past 4 days as well. All the common ones you usually read online. But nothing has been as bad as today! It is almost as if every little insecurity I ever had is building up again and I just feel like crying throughout the day....Is it normal? And this entire breakdown has just strengthened my resolve. If it's this difficult to quit..I don't ever want to go through it again...

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Hi There, Welcome!

Yes 100% normal. This first week is called hell week - and its a accurate name.

Your body is undergoing some pretty stressful changes right now - you're going to feel a little strange for a while. But always remember - it is temporary. If you stay quit - 100% of time these feelings go away. And you return to a normal life, just smoke free.

It may take a while - post on here often and you will get great support from people going through exactly what you are.

Stay strong - you can do this!


Hello there :)

Totally normal, yep! It sucks, but honestly, it really really does get better quicker than you think it will. I'm so glad you found a positive in those feelings though, strengthened resolve and general positivity is really valuable during hell week!

Sami's wise words are true - stay quit and it'll all go away. I'm nearly five months in, would never have believed how quickly I felt 'natural' as a no-longer-smoker. Stay strong, and stick with us, we've got your back x


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