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3 months and mood swings are worse

im really suffering from anxiety after 3 months no smoking,ive been anxious for the last 2 months but 1 month ago it spilt over and ive been having awful mood swings,panic attacks,tears.

strange thing is i dont actually think im depressed (i know that feeling) as i can be very happy within the same day.

has anyone else experienced this?

other than medication what can be done for it?

how long does it take to pass this phase for most people?

im deseperate please help

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My only advice would be to go see your Dr and discuss it with him/her.

How you have described your symptoms is exactly how i get but iam also slowing coming of anti depresents so i have no idea whether its that or the quitting of the ciggies!

Sorry ive not been much help but wanted you to know your not the only one


go to docs

i wish i could help you hun but go to docs and if you can confide in a good friend or family member to talk to x


Anxiety ?

Hi Raza , how was you feeling before you quit ? , is your anxiety something that has developed since you quit ? .I know my first few months were tricky at times.

If it is ruining your quality of life then I would agree with the others and have a chat with your G.P, it could just be the nicotine demons messing wiff you ...but don't give in and smoke again ,you are doing well !:)

Best wishes Trev

Quit 28th April 09

3 months patches

4 months C.T


has anyone else experienced this?

other than medication what can be done for it?

how long does it take to pass this phase for most people?

im deseperate please help

hey razawire - yeah ive had some of this in the past.

I'm gonna sound like your mum here but are you exercising (not walking, actually getting sweaty) regularly and Is your diet right?

Those were the things that fixed it for me - seeing the doc is also a good idea.

dont worry though, scary as these things are when you are going through them, you can sort most of them out given a bit of time and effort and expertise.

sorry to hear your having a rough time with it. hang in there :)


thanks everyone,

i am eating well and getting a fair ammount of exercise and i had anxiety depression years ago but was pretty much under control the last 8-10 years,till now though i dont feel depressed just so anxious its awful,im so angry for no reason.

the cravings are pretty much gone,this week ive had a few but thats from the anxiety really,i dotn want to smoke again but if this continues i may have to just so i can feel somewhere near normal for a while


HI Razawire

I am on day 2, 4th attempt

every time I have stoppped in past it been the 3 month point when I have broken down, crying, stressed and irritated. I managed to get past 3 month twice 7 month and then 18 months. Christ knows why I started again.

I am on an antidpresant which I had used for years due to an eating disorder years ago. weight being an issues although recovered. I had to contact my GP and increase the dose for a while to get over it.

this is one of the things which worries me as I know i will prob go through it again. fore warned I need to look at plans to help me at that point.... February here I come.

let me know how you go on.

you say ur not depressed. you may not be depressed but ur definatly going through something.



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