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45 days and still struggling!

Hi all

Its interesting to read that others at the same point as me are having difficulties. I am having an internal battle with myself most days. I will be honest and admit to having had some sneaky drags on cigarettes, yesterday was one of them days. I feel crap, headaches most days, think they are tension headaches in the temples. i do use a nicotine free vaporizer which helps, but probably doesnt help with the triggers in the brain which i respond to with the vaporiser. I waste too many hours having an internal debate with myself between "just have a fag" and "but its killing my lungs", arggghhh so fed up!

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Sneaky drags are terrible for your progress louise.

While they may give you momentary comfort - all you are doing is drawing out the whole quit process much longer than it needs to be. You are really prolonging your discomfort by doing it.


Louse, I agree, it's not worth having the internal debate with yourself, just forget about the fags and get on with your much healthier life. See, that wasn't so hard. Seriously though, you know your doing the right thing by quitting it's just an extremely difficult task, I feel your pain but aren't some days getting easier for you? Can you try focusing on the positive points of having quit? They are different for each of us but I try doing that and sometimes it helps. Good luck, stay strong, post often.


Louise....Definitely so.

That one drag takes you back one day or more from where you have started.

Although I used Champix and the cravings was much less than a CT quit I still needed something and my brain was telling me that it was a Cigarette.

With very good advice I found in Melli's posts, I got a supplement (Brain fuel) and it worked wonders....

Still a bit down but getting better as the days past....

The last packet of Cigarettes I opened and my lighter is still on top of the fridge where I placed it after I decided to have my last cigarette 26 days ago....!

I will never touch it again !!!!!(Maybe to throw it away....yes !)


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