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The Sixth Day

Dearest nosmokingday,

I ended the fifth day by sleeping at 10pm local time, with my usual symptoms of fatigue, body heat, constipation... The nausea ceased and i didnt really notice its presence anymore... But the next thing i face upon this perilous quest is insomnia, like a sleeping disorder, messed body clock..

Like i typed before, i ended the fifth day at 10pm, i had a long dream and it felt like i had sleep for so long that i thought sleeping is finally alright. No, I was wrong.. I woke up and saw the clock showing 1am the sixth day, and i couldnt resume my sleep anymore until perhaps 5am, then i hibernated so bad that i myself was shocked when i woke up and found its already 3.45pm of the sixth day.

I dont want to waste anymore time pf the sixth day and hurried for bath and then got something to eat.. Dont want the digestive system to deteriorate further..

Thats how sleeping disorder destroyed my sixth day, but i am not giving up... At least i didnt have time to smoke in that day... :D

By the time i am writing this, it is already my seventh day, had a trouble sleeping this morning, but i managed to stay awake until this 3.36pm without smoke, nap or caffeinne.. Did some exercise too in the morning and lets see if i can do any change to my sleeping tonight.

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That's the attitude! Well done william! Never give up!

This will get easier for you. Stay strong!


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