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It really is fear

I read the Allen Carr book but never quit4e got what he said when he said the reason we find it hard to quit is fear. I didn't believe I was scared of anything - nothing atall. But, what I've learned through week 1 of my quit is that the cravings I feel have exactly the same physical sensations as fear. Imagine you have a mega presentation to do, or a driving test, or a medical procedure - and so you're terrified. You can't concentrate, you're shaky, you feel tense, bits of you clam up and hurt . . . . blah blhah blah. When I actually really examined what I was feeling when I was 'craving a fag' the physical feelings were precisely the same. It is fear. We might not really know (or want to admit to) what it is we're frightened of, but it is only fear. Fear's fine . . . we've all coped with that - so, stopping smoking's fine too - it's just a case of 'feel the fear and do it anyway'???

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Hi Kath

Yes,... Fear it is!!

Being in the habit of smoking for 38 years and then to quit, really causes fear.

Fear of the what the future will be without my cigarette "friend" (That was going to kill me anyway)

Fear of what am I going to do with the 200 minutes more I have got in a day (smoked 40 per day times 5 minutes)

Can you believe, I took 3 hours per day to make myself stink and slowly but surely killing myself and I did not fear ?????

And now after quitting 23 days I am fearing the unknown.......

I really hope never to smoke again and will survive this fear, sadness, flat feeling because I have found so many people on this forum in the same situation..

It is not just me.........who have to overcome it.

But together we can do it.......



Week 1 done, congratulations. Nothing's as bad as that now, worse bit nailed 😜


Sorry happy fingers cut my post off half way?!!! Well done you've done really well. I notice you're reading a lot too and that's great I find it really helps to support getting your head right to tackle the psychological triggers.


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