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The 5th Day (第五天)


I stopped smoking CT five days ago, having no clue of nicotine withdrawal symptoms i was so scared of other lethal disease symptoms before i curiously browsed for "does quitting cigarettes makes you feel sick?", and that was how i came across withdrawal symptoms. I found this forum so far the most encouraging network for quitters, hence i decided to write a record too.

I stopped smoking because i fear that one day smoking will kill me and separate me from everything i love, and for now life seems to worth living, i don't want to die at young age. I am a 23 years old male of Chinese ethnicity from Indonesia, and i smoked averagely 18 cigars for 1 year.

The first four days of me going CT were awful, second and third especially, thoughts like "perhaps it will be better if i smoke again" and two person conversation in my mind like "what if i just smoke and see if this symptoms goes away? you know if it goes away then it is withdrawal and you're good... you know, you might have other disease... -but doctor said it is the withdrawal right?- oh come on, doctors can be wrong.. you need more proof that you are okay, try smoke one... its okay". But thank God, thank me and my friends i decided to endure the smoking temptation, and putting my faith upon the diagnose of 2 doctors i have visited regarding my unwell condition. I also started eating vegetables, fruits, drink more water and exercises daily to help improve my condition.

Strangely, i find that i have most of the list of withdrawal symptoms except severe anger and severe craving (because i really believe i must stop smoking for my own good), but i have the majority of the symptoms like fatigue, concentrating difficult, constipation, mild itches, drowsiness, insomnia, lightheaded, nausea, depression, anxiety, cold feet during night and that sort of mild mucus that taste a bit salty and sticky coming up from your throat. So i would like to ask some questions, first, is this normal? did any of you perhaps experienced the same too? second, i experienced cold fet when sleeping in the first second and third days, but tonight instead of cold i am feeling heat, is this what they call the cold and hot syndrome? Thank you for your most kind attentions and replies.

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Hi William :) Welcome to the forum.

Congratulations on your first five days!

To answer your questions - yes I experienced some of those side effects - tiredness, difficulty in concentrating and constipation definitely! They didn't last long though - most of it was over after a couple of weeks, so keep going! I don't know anything about hot and cold syndrome...but from what people have said on this forum, most things seem to be 'normal' - almost every possible symptom is shared by someone else as far as I can tell :)


Thank you Incy! It is such a pleasure to receive your reply here... Definitely made me stronger in facing the bad thought in my mind.. :D


Hi William

Well done on your first five "most difficult days. (Especially CT)

I had all those symptoms and is normal but it will subside a little bit as from day 7.

I am on day 22 today and starting to feel better.

You, MUST read the posts done by "Melli"

The whole Chemical war in your Brain is explained and then you will understand why you are feeling the way you are feeling.

I called it the "Flat" feeling"

It is very important to know what is happening to you and how to overcome this feelings.

Once again, strongs !!!!!!!!


Thank you Hercu, it is such an encouragement from you... I have been a little busy these few days to keep me away from smoke and distressing thought... I will sure to look up for Melli's posts regarding this chemical warfare in my head.... Once again thank you and i wish you success in your venture against the smoke :)


Well done on your quit, William, and welcome. Do use the easy and quick NOPE (not one puff ever) mantra to help you along. And post frequently on here. Withdrawal symptoms - we are all different but there are some common ones as well. I sort of understand the heating up, but I had hot flushes travel through my body. Didn't last for long. More like a surge. There will also be a much better oxygen supply to your body and therfore into your blood, and your body will not be used to that, even at the young age you are. My hacking cough disappeared within a couple of days but then came up again about 3 months after stopping. Keep going. It definitely is not worth going back.


Thank you for your assuring message... I definitely need psychological supports and i found it here... Yes of course i will keep your precious advice in mind :D... I will post about my sixth day soon, it was a horrifying hibernation, but i managed to pull myself together today, the seventh day...


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