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I'm back again

Hi everyone, I was on this site about 12 months ago going through hell with my health and trying to stop smoking, well I didn't succeed , in the last 12 months I have managed to stabilise my health, move house and now have a support worker.

So here I am I've been trying to stop all week , I'm 3 hours off my first 24 hours cigarette free, I have the lozenges and I'm under my local stop smoking clinic x

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Hi Claire :)

Oh those first 24 hours aren't easy are they?! I remember feeling that if I could do that first day, nothing else in the world would ever be so hard!

Well done for getting help from the SS clinic - it really is good to have some support and a source of reliable advice, and you've got that in spades what with the forum AND the cessation folks at the clinic.

I hope you've had a good day, and look forward to hearing more about your quit :) xx


Well I'm on day 2 off to the stop smoking clinic this morning, I've woke up with the headache from hell today and feel a bit rubbish xx


Welcome back Claire. Lots of discomfort those first few days. but you've made the right decision. All the best on your journey.


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