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21 Days or 3 weeks ?

OK, here I am, hard ex smoker who has quitted for 21 days !!!!!!! (Or is it three weeks already)

Well, I took it day by day and it worked .........:D:D:D:D

The "sadness" of loosing my ciggie "friend" is getting less, the act to reach for my cigarettes is getting less, I do not cough myself out of breath anymore,

The best part is I am getting that ugly smell of cigarette smoke when I walk past the smoking area where I used to spent a lot of time.

I never thought it to smell ugly !!!!!

The saving will only hit me at the end of the month if I don't have to buy the usual 6 Cartons of cigarettes.

I gained weight but could afford to gain because at 1.7 meters I weighed 62 kg's. Now I am on 65.

The flat feeling is still there but better after I have found a Herbal supplement containing L Tyrosine it got a bit better.(Brain feu

Still could not find herbal L-Dopa (Macuna Pruriens) in my country.(Although it is grown here)

(Thanks again to Melli with all the interesting posts regarding this issue of brain works)

After all, it is becoming more of pleasure not to smoke than to smoke ;)

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Hi Hercu....very well done....3 weeks is awsome ....(which country are you in by the way?)

You will not find a herbal with L Dopa in any country as that is a potent chemical....please do not take L Dopa, yes it works directly on the brain and increases dopamine production, but it is specifically for people with Parkinson's is VERY dangerous to take if you do not have this disease....i have discussed this drug with several specialists and it is an absolute NO NO...

Herbal really means over the counter, tried and tested for the purpose advertised... sorry to be a nag... head towards st johns wart and saffron, both are good..:) nag

anyway keep up the fantastic work...the sadness will get less...dont forget to reward yourself as this is a great way of helping the brain release dopamine...pleasure!!


Hi Melli

Thank you for the warning on L- Dopa.(Luckily couldn't find it)

AND genuine, you are not a nag... (guardian rather)

I am Farming Bananas in Mozambique and really enjoy the freedom of nature.

Yes, I have red bananas is also good

I will continue to be on the lookout for a herbal supplement to boost the Dopamine levels.(over the counter, tried and tested for the purpose)

Really need to get rid of this flat feeling and get back to be me again........although it is much better than two weeks ago !!!!!

Yes, must get away one weekend and bash a few waves with the Kayak again.......might be rewarding enough to release a bit of happy chemicals.

Thank you once again for all the good advice......


hey Hi.. you're lifestyle sounds have a lot to smile about...:)


Congratulations on your quit :)

Thank you *Karri*

The quit is good and the next best thing was finding this forum.

It feels good to share the ups and downs and to see that there is more people right over the world sharing the same difficulties and joy's.



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