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21 Days!


My app tells me I've reached 21 days, 3 hours and 35 minutes without smoking a single cigarette!

I've reached my next goal of 21 days which I'd believed would finally release me from my bad habit. (21 days to form a habit and 21 days to un form a habit apparently).

Well I've just discovered that this is NOT true at all! For the smoking habit anyway. And for me anyway. Maybe they meant 21 months? Or 21 years?

The habit still lingers in my mind and I still mentally reach for a cigarette for every situation, every celebration and every hint of stress.

I have done this before and I lasted ten whole years but I don't remember when I reached the point where I DIDN'T automatically think of a smoke as the answer for everything.

But I did get there because I went through all sorts of stuff in those ten years and I don't remember yearning for a cigarette for all of that time.

My positives for today and this milestone are: fresh breath; clean smelling hair; improved sense of smell and taste - not always a good thing :) ; the knowledge that my health is improving (even though I can't say I've noticed it) ; no more feelings of guilt; the savings my app tells me I've made already, in money and time ;

Unfortunately there are some negatives that I need to overcome: with my husband still smoking there's definitely a small rift between us now. No more happy chats in the garden whilst we puffed away together. I do miss that. It's something we can't share anymore.

And then there's all the eating.......my clothes are getting tight and I feel uncomfortable.

But hey, I've done three weeks. Not going to give in now :) :) :)

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Huge congratulations Becky on reaching 21 days, time will start to go quicker now for you. I really hope you don't think there is a rift with you and your husband, I don't think there is, it is just you having to adapt to this situation of you not smoking, I smoked for over a year and a half after my husband quit, I still feel terribly guilty of how it must have affected his quit but he battled through it, and you will too, you will have to come up with something new that you both can do now that does not involve smoking, change for the better is always good, just need a new good healthy habit, Maybe improve on or make more of an effort on evening meal times - that can be your new time to share together? Well done again!

Hello Becky,

I had to smile at the first part of your post where you say that instead of the stated 21 days to unform the habit, that perhaps in your case perhaps it should state 21 months or even years - that could be me speaking lol.

I'm not sure if we ever truly can forget about smoking but I'm hoping we can learn to live comfortably without it and without constantly having to be on our guard at times of stress, however minor.

Quitting is a bit of an uphill battle every now and again. You can be like me and manage quite easily for weeks and then something unexpected crops up and what is the first thing that springs to mind - I think we both know the answer. I haven't smoked but boy have I wanted to and I cannot for the life of me understand why when I'm so desperate to stop. It wouldn't have made anything any easier if I had given in and I would probably have felt worse (after, and not while, I was doing it though).

Just plod on like me Becky, you've managed 3 weeks so you can manage another 3 and then more. :)

ps I wish it was more fun than this though:mad:


Becky you're funny!

Now honey, you believed on the 21 days and look at where you are now...take the time and go back, read your first posts...you are now in a much different space.

It does take 21 days, you won't realise it until later stage.

The next 3 weeks are challenging to say the least...but nothing compared to the first 21 days.

You have come so far to go back now, look ahead, embrace the difficulties and keep going...for me was week 7 the end of the torture.

There is an end, the sooner you accept that it is painful but has to be done the fastest it goes away.

Don't fight it, embrace it.

Cry when you feel like crying.

Shout when you feel like shouting.

Moan when you feel like moaning.

Eat when you are hungry.

Drink when you are thirsty.

Smoke only when you can justify such desire to yourself. before lightening up a fag, think if is that what you really want, or are you being controlled by a horrible disgusting addiction?!

If still want it, then maybe this is not your quit.

;) sending you a big hug because I was the one that lied to you about the 21 days ;)

Haha. Mmaya, I know you talked about that 21 days thing but to tell you the truth I had been told the same thing twice before.

It might be true.

For some people.

Just not for me!

But guess what? This IS my quit. Even though I moan a lot....

Sending you a big [ [ [ HUG ] ] ] right back.

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Sending you a really big hug, I wouldn't expect less than that decision from you!

I am very happy... :)


Speaking of quit...I noticed my clothes shrinking too...my size 10 skinny jeans are now a size 6 or 8...lol

HercuValued Contributor

Becky....Huge congrats on 21 days...3 weeks is awesome !!! :)

The positiveness you have started with is a big part of your victory... And yes there are smells and "SMELLS'' and all part of the rediscovery.

I am also still battling with the habit..The reaching for my cigarettes....!!! but the crave for a cigarette (Nicotine) is truly gone and forgotten.

Once again....Congratulations.....!!

PS: Maya and your shrinking clothes must be due to the cold Northern Hemisphere weather ;)

Yes Hercu, we're preparing ourselves for the winter hibernation :)

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No, it couldn't be the weather, I think it was the washing machine lol

HercuValued Contributor in reply to Hercu

LOL Must be !!!

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