Hello Everyone


Second Time Quit - 1st was with Quickmist 2 1/2 Months a close relation passed away with cancer and the pressure

(My own pressure) caved in and began again

Dealing with cancer My Husband & My Mother unfortunately had the opposite effect & I smoked twice as many as i normally would

Its been 15yrs since my husband died & I have moved on in life

Just reached the stage in my life to be really self centred - This quit is about ME ME ME

I know that me smoking through problems is not gonna happen regardless of what they are

Started Champix - Quit on Day 6

I have now been 21 days smoke free - Yippee

side effects - constipation/bloating etc which has been tough at times but the bigger picture is worth it

Just to add reading others storys have been an inspiration to me



2 Replies

  • Hi Teresa!

    So very sorry to hear about your loss

    21 days is an incredible achievement. Keep up the good work :)

  • All the best to you Teresa. Absolutely agree. You need to be selfish with getting rid of this damaging habit. I wish you well.

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