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No Smoking Day
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Hello Everyone

Hello..Had my last cig 11.30pm last night..Tried to give up may 2006 along with hubby,bad idea:mad: was smoking again within the month..he has not smoked for 17 mths and says he fells great..My turn now as I don't like smoking on my own..Was looking on pc for help and support and came across this forum.Reading through the posts last night I think I have found the right place,everyone seems so friendly and helpful:) ...xx

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Hello Behappy x x x x

Welcome to the site!!

Well done on the great decision to quit!

Well done to hubby on 17 months!

He should be a great support and will understand what you are going through.

What methods are you using?

We are all here for you ;)

Keep busy! and stay strong x x

~Buffy x x



you have come to the right place for sure!! and if you really want to stay smoke free, everyone on here will do their upmost to keep you on the right track;)

have you just decided to go it alone? or with help from your gp? which ever you have decided upon? there is always someone to help you, all you've got to do is think positive n stay strong:)


good luck & best wishes



Hello and welcome to the forum. This is the place to come for support because we are all going through the same.

Hope to see you around the boards.


Sorry for the delay in answering..Just had time to put the Hello post in then had to go shopping, and look at the time now after midday and not had one ciggy:D ....Thanks for all your welcomes..I am going cold turkey..Did try the patches but ended up with little lumps in legs,I was allergic to the adhesive used on the patch..I know I will get support from hubby, still it's nice to be able to share experiences good or bad with others though...And looking forward to chatting on site:D



Thanks Boudee..Good to know help is out there:)


Well done!

Nearly through day one and smiling x x

Sorry about the patch allergy :(

We're here, right behind you! all the way x x

~Buffy x x


WECOME I had the same problem with patches behappy alot of folk seem to so you ain't on your own.

Post as often as you want - doesn't matter what its about(wer'e all VERY broadminded here!):rolleyes:


Well done!!! I am on day 5 now and this site has been great. I have not had the opportunity to post much but it is great knowing that help and encouragement is here when I need it.

Keep going - we will all get through this together :)


Thanks Everyone:D ..I cant get online often but hope to get a few posts in.Clare it is great knowing help and encouragement is there when we need it,and hopefully as each smoke free day passes I too can help others..xx


Welcome Behappy!

You have made the right choice quitting and coming here for support! Keep going and stay strong:D

I am working on day 20 of not smoking!:cool:

I have now been a none smoker for:. 0Y 2W 5D 10H 2M 28S. I have not smoked: 194 Cigarettes. That a saving of £ 52.43. I will now live longer by: 0Y 0W 0D 15H 32M. Since I Quit on the Monday, October 01, 2007 6:00:26 AM. The number of people worldwide that has died from smoking related deaths is:. 266005. Download This Quitmeter free from stayfagfree.com



Hello Behappy and welcome to the forum!!! We are here for you always :D

I am the one who quit smoking first as hubby is still puffing away and hates smoking alone as well, but he is still doing it :( He will quit when he is ready - or so I hope!

Congrats on your decision to quit - you will soon feel much better and you will feel soooo proud of yourself.

I also quit cold turkey and I am surviving with the help on this forum. The people here are amazing and very understanding. We have all been through this and we are all able to help eachother. YOU CAN DO IT!!! :D Keep posting!


Hi Behappy welcome and congrats!

We're all behind you and will always be helping in case of need - try and really be happy during these first, hard days of your quit because this that you've made is the best decision for your life ;) :)


WELCOME BEHAPPY and WELL DONE on making such a great decision.

Come visit as much as poss, we've all been there at those first few days and look at us all now!!!!

Well done again!!!:D :D


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