Hello Everyone

Hi Everyone, I have just joined this forum in the hope that I can keep motivated by all your tales of joy and maybe troubles that you have experienced along your journeys to be smoke free...

I am on my 2nd week of being a non-smoker and am still feeling quite positive and am very determined to remain a non smoker for the rest of my days....

I have read your posts with interest and you are all an Inspiration to yourselves, your families and to every smoker/non-smoker who reads them.

I am determined to remain smoke free for my own heath and well being and for my family (especially my children!)

Best Wishes to you all....x :)


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  • Hiya Fay. Welcome to the forum and I must say everyone on here has been such a good support, you have come to the right place! Well done on deciding to quit. You are in a similar situation to me. My husband quit 2 years ago, and has shamed me into attempting! It is so much nicer being a no smoking household, and I don't feel selfish spending all of that money on cigarettes now. It hasn't been easy, but hopefully the symptoms will ease a little. How are you doing it? This time I have just gone cold turkey and have used this forum and this has so far worked for me, different courses for different horses as they say! x

  • Hallo Fay!

    I'm on my 2nd week of not smoking also. Isn't it great? No more being tied to that horrible nasty habit.

    I got alot of help from the people on here (watch out for the nuttas, one of which is present on this thread) and its really encouraging to get all the support one gets from everyone else that are also experiencing everything you are.

    Mind, I find kicking the habit a doddle this time. What about you?

  • PS Forgot to say, some nuttas are not only nutty, Fay, but delusional too :rolleyes:

  • I'm loud and proud of being a little bit of a nutter John! Rather be a nutter than a smoker hee hee x

  • A smoker could not pay his rent,

    His habit took every last cent.

    The money this whacko

    Has spent on tobacco

    Has bought him an oxygen tent.

  • Hi Fayray - welcome to the Forum. You don't have to be nutty on this forum but it helps - as you will probably find out.

    Well done in getting past week 2 and good luck for the coming weeks. I have found this place very helpful and hopefully have helped others. Each one of us can come up with different ideas on their quit and each one is as helpful as the other.

    Look forward to seeing you post on here whether smoke related or otherwise. Now and again it just helps to talk about something else and have a good laugh as you will probably have seen by reading other posts.


  • Welcome on board


    Welcome aboard, you will get good advice and help on this forum and a heck of alot of laughs at the banter between a few of em on here Maddy, John and Tash make my laugh daily which helps with the cravings. :D there guys I ousted you - now off to hide.

  • Welcome Fay

    You have done the hardest bit two weeks thats fab. Keep posting here you will find people going through the same things and that helps . Things get tons better has the time passes. Linda xxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Hello Fay

    We're quit buddies!!!!!

    Well done on your decision to quit.

    you sound like me, non smoking hubby but just the one child!

    Good luck to us both


  • Thank you

    Thanks everyone for you kind words of support and your tips! I have found today particularly difficult (not sure why?) Day 8 and all I have thought of is a FAG!

    I was unsure whether to let you all know this as I sometimes jump forward to the Month 2 forums etc in the hope I can read some posts where a miracle has happened and that everyone is fine and hadn't even thought of a cigarette!

    But hey were all different and I am trying to tell myself everytime a pang comes (which is v regular today) that I don't need it and try and make myself busy....... Why I am even worrying tho is beyond me - I have no Cigarettes in the house and I have no intention of going to the shop and getting any, I get myself in such a state I go and listen to Paul Mckenna, who calms me down for half an hour. :)

    I know I can do this (well I have done it) but my wish is to remain smoke free forever, I just have to change my way of thinking. I know some days are better than others and I will be glad when today is over.

    Thanks again for your support - you have all done great too! :D

    Why can't the Government just ban the things and make it easier for everyone! (I guess thats a whole new thread lol!) :)

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